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   Chapter 325 Entering The Tomb

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'I believe that everything will become clear after we enter the tomb, ' Ricky thought as they prepared to enter.

That was the main reason why he wanted to enter the tomb. He wanted to know what the Endless Shadow was planning to do and what the function of the Bronze Key was.

Ricky dared to enter the tomb because he had the power that he could use as a trump card--it was his three powerful zones.

"Ricky, when should we enter it?" Kristen asked softly.

"After they all go into it. We might lose our advantage, but it is much safer this way," Ricky replied in a soft voice.

"Tina, I want to know about the power remnants that Doris left inside your body, how many do you still have?" Ricky walked closer to Tina and whispered to her.

He asked that because they needed Tina's power to deal with Yates, the strong spiritual king of the Endless Shadow.

"Ricky, I have one completed innate spiritual king power stored up," Tina answered in a worried voice.

"I cannot bear too much strong power because I have a Sealing Array inside my body. It was already very difficult for Doris to leave two strands of complete innate spiritual king power in me."

"It seems that we are bluffing. If Yates finds out about this, then we will all be in danger," Ricky answered softly.

"So, we must keep the old man from realizing that," Tina said.

"We only need to be careful. After entering the tomb, we'd better stay together," Ricky replied.

"Got it!" Tina nodded.

At that moment, almost all the warriors had entered the tomb.

Yates's eyes landed on Tina and Ricky again. He sneered at them, saying, "Now it's your turn."

"There's no rush. We will go inside after you do," Ricky replied calmly.

"Ha-ha. I do want to go inside the tomb, but the residual array at the entry point keeps me from entering it."

"What do you mean?" Tina asked after hearing that. Ricky and others were also very confused.

With an evil smile, Yates gathered his innate spiritual power and launched an attack towards the entry of the tomb. The attack rebounded heavily because of the force of the resid

ntering the tomb was to go into Chaotic Fire Zone with Tyson and Kristen in case there were unexpected dangers around.

All they saw after entering was just a dark expanse.

The warriors coming in were scattering around the endless dark plain.

"It seems that the space in this tomb is extremely large." Inside the Chaotic Fire Zone, Ricky marveled at the tomb.

"There seems to be no danger, so let's get out," Tyson suggested.

"Tyson, do you think that the six demi-immortal chiefs will leave us alone?" Ricky replied.

"Right, I almost forget that they are here as well." Tyson grinned.

Then Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Zone to move forward slowly. It was not until he could no longer sense the six demi-immortal chiefs even using the power of the three zones that he came out of the Chaotic Fire Zone with Tyson and Kristen.

"I think Royce lied to us. It seems that there is nothing else but intense evil spirit energy in this tomb," Tyson said, looking into the endless dark plain.

"Maybe it's because we are only at the periphery of this tomb," Ricky suggested.

"Even if it's the tomb of a completed devil king, it's still much too large." Kristen was also confused.

"It's true, but there are always too many weird things. The only thing we can do now is to be careful," Ricky said.

Boom! At that point in time, the quiet and dark plain suddenly started to change.

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