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   Chapter 324 Yates

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In the massive graveyard lay the spirit of the completed devil king who was of the same strength and power as a completed innate spiritual king. And this graveyard also brought an opportunity to those who wanted to become an innate spiritual king.

But this opportunity, however, was a waste to them. This was because they cultivated spiritual energy but not an evil spirit, which was the kind that the devil king cultivated. Even if they got the devil king's inheritance and fortune, it would still turn out to be useless and invaluable.

The opportunity was very tricky because even if they started from scratch and begin to cultivate the evil spirit and throw away all of their current spiritual energy, chances are, it would still be very difficult for them because of the risk of losing control and being possessed by the devil. Furthermore, They could only obtain the evil spirit to sustain their cultivation only if they stayed in this battlefield.

"So, Ricky, what do you think? Should we go for it?" Soar asked Ricky in a whisper. He and Ricky exchanged looks affirming that they both firmly believed in Royce's warnings.

"Uhm...You know what? I'm not sure about it, either." Both Ricky and Soar had second thoughts about the idea. Ricky had longed so much for this opportunity that when it came to him, he didn't expect to be so disappointed at the risks involved. He almost thought that this chance would be impossible for him from then on. They were all baffled as they comprehended the situation.

They were torn, and they wanted another person's advice. Both of their eyes turned to Royce and asked for his opinion about the matter.

"I don't think that you should go for it. And even if you do make it, you should still give it up, because it doesn't match with your method of cultivation." Royce said in a point of fact.

"Meanwhile, even if you are successful at cultivating the evil spirit, your highest achievements will probably reach their completeness because you ought to follow the path that the others have already taken. We all know that it is already difficult to exceed one's path, let alone someone else's.

However, there's still another choice. You can still go to the graveyard if you want to. I bet there's something in there that can help you with your cultivation."

"We got it. Thank you so much, Royce!" Both of Soar and Ricky nodded as a sign of their understanding.

"So...with all points considered, are you still going to the graveyard?" Ricky wondered.

"No way. I'm a king now. Why should I even bother to pursue some other king's path?" Royce

ems to me that this could be the remaining power of the array that is used to lock up the graveyard, ' Ricky thought to himself.

But as he started to put his foot into the entrance, the innate spiritual king of the Endless Shadow revealed himself with his battalion.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the bastard and the beast! You two are finally here! Now, face me and my squad. Give us all you got and I might consider leaving your shitty corpses intact!" the spiritual king of the Endless Shadow growled in anger when he saw Ricky and Soar.

Then, he lifted his arms and waved them around as he gathered his strength in preparation for a violent attack against the two.

Rushed footsteps were heard as Tina swooped right in front of Ricky and Soar to block the impending attack and said, "Yates! Try me if you want a miserable death,"

Yates, the spiritual king of the Endless Shadow, stopped and glared at Tina with utmost ferocity.

"You must be kidding me, Tina. You'd better pray that you still have much power of the completed spiritual king or you would die in a much uglier way than these two knuckleheads," Yates exclaimed as he exploded in anger.

But deep inside, Yates knew better not to mess with Tina because he had learned his lesson before.

"That's something you don't need to worry about," Tina commanded.

Angry as Yates was, his priority was the graveyard instead of Ricky and the others. He then ordered all the warriors and the six demi-immortals to enter the graveyard.

The warriors followed with blind eyes for they were very eager to do it even without Yates' influence on them.

Seeing all of their greedy eyes hungry for power, Yates smiled with wicked excitement and satisfaction.

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