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   Chapter 323 The Completed Devil King's Grave

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6935

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How time had flown! One month later, Ricky and Soar woke up naturally and were both more levelheaded and wiser. They had become like real immortal creatures.

They changed so much because they had begun to understand the enlightening power.

Soar had already had the power of a demi-immortal. They had thought that he would have a much easier time in making a breakthrough to become an innate creature.

In the Chaotic Fire Zone, Tyson and Kristen had gained a lot, though they hadn't understood everything about the enlightening power. If they tried harder, it would be an easy thing for them to make a breakthrough and reach the demi-immortal level.

"Fine, one month has passed. You have to leave here because you won't make any more progress even if you still stay here. This is your limit," Royce said when he came to them after enough time had passed.

"Thanks for your help. I am grateful for what you have done for us. I will remember your kindness forever." They both appreciated his help.

"You're welcome." Royce nodded his head and accepted their thanks.

"Royce, I want to ask you a question. Are you not going to come out of the Devil Beast Valley? It won't be a long time before the entrance of the battlefield will open again. It's time for you to leave," Ricky asked him after realizing something.

"Coming out is a nice option, but we have become accustomed to the ancient battlefield. It's a better place for us." Royce also wanted to leave, but he only smiled calmly at them and accepted his fate.

Ricky and Soar both had doubts in his words.

As if Royce knew what they were thinking, he explained, "Creatures of the continents and creatures of this place are enemies to each other. They always fight against each other when they meet each other.

We had to cultivate the evil spirit to survive in the ancient battlefield and become accustomed to the environment. We have the blood power of continent creatures but we also cultivate the evil spirit. Because of that, we are freaks in everyone else's eyes.

If we go into the world o

egan to shake. The roar made all the creatures on ancient battlefield feel scared and hide. It was something very abnormal.

Next, all the creatures watched as many drains of evil spirits rose at the center of the ancient battlefield and it seemed that there was something huge under the ground. It seemed like it would emerge from the ground at any time.

One hour later, the evil spirit stopped rising and the surface of the ground stopped shaking.

"What happened just now?" Ricky and Soar were both in a state of shock. What they first thought about was the opportunity to become an innate spiritual king.

At once, Ricky and Soar were excited. It was their real goal in going to the ancient battlefield in the first place.

"The completed devil king's grave has emerged from the ground," Royce told them soon after in a soft voice.

"Royce, what is it?" Ricky and Soar asked what Royce was talking about.

"Every broken scrap of the ancient battlefield has a completed devil king's grave under it. It is said that the graves have the secret of a powerful cultivation method within them. It was sealed by some kinds of strong array. Maybe, but the array can't seal the grave now. It is the time for the grave to emerge from the ground now,"

Royce explained.

"It is the devil king's grave!" Ricky and Soar were both excited after hearing Royce's explanation.

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