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   Chapter 322 Devil King Python

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"Hey, big guy! Stop that. Let them go," the thin middle-aged man ordered as he crushed the attack from the rhino with his black spiritual claw.

Although he spoke in a low voice, people could sense the command from his tone. It seemed he was even more strong-willed than the Devil King Rhino.

He was obviously more powerful. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have easily blocked the Devil Flashlight.

Triggered by what he heard, the Devil King Rhino roared ferociously. He spat, "Don't forget where we are, fool! Humans and those lowly beasts are forbidden to enter the Devil Beast Valley!"

"You're wasting my time, big guy!" the man taunted, seemingly undisturbed with the angry roars. "I'm not negotiating. I'm ordering you," he continued.

"You're so arrogant!" This made the Devil King Rhino even angrier. He summoned his evil spirit again and rushed towards the man.

"You're so stubborn!" The middle-aged man shrugged. He was undaunted by the Devil King Rhino's attacks.

The Devil King Rhino roared in full force as he was surrounded by the evil spirit. However, Ricky heard another roar, quite similar to that of a dragon, but he could tell its differences from a real dragon.

As the roar bellowed, a black python of more than thirty meters long rushed out from the evil spirit and reached out its sharp claws toward the rhino.

After several strikes, the Devil King Rhino was beaten down. Innumerable wounds were all over his huge body.

The python, on the other hand, remained uninjured. It was obvious between the two devil king beasts who had the upper hand.


"The middle-aged man transformed to a python! Is that what he really is? I see!" From his observation, Ricky finally understood what Soar meant.

He also inferred that the python's competence might have reached the level of a second class lower spiritual king. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to defeat the Devil King Rhino who possessed the emperor beasts' bloodline so easily.

From the very beginning, Soar knew that the thin middle-aged man was a devil king beast, a python. All pythons and snakes regarded the Great Dragon as their king.

This was because they were lo

lower spiritual king at the third class who had the lowest competence when he was at the demi-immortal realm.

Even Ricky would eventually encounter the same problem. No matter how powerful his spiritual meridians would be, he couldn't bypass the three levels to challenge a lower spiritual king at the third class while he was at the demi-immortal realm. The best he could do was to improve his power close to a second class lower spiritual king.

Reaching the innate realm was a must if he wanted to challenge the creatures whose abilities were three levels higher than him. With that, the difference between the enlightening power wouldn't be that significant.

With the help of the three zones, Ricky understood something about realm breakthrough from the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement to the demi-immortal realm, and then from the demi-immortal realm to the real innate realm.

Ricky could feel that he was gradually understanding the realms above his. He felt like if he was given enough power, he would be able to reach the demi-immortal realm easily.

That was true. This was the great benefit for a warrior at Bone Reinforcement realm to understand the enlightening power.

However, the warriors should step on the ground in martial arts cultivation.

It would be better for a warrior to naturally break through to a higher level after he naturally reached the highest level of a realm and understood the enlightening power.

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