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   Chapter 321 The Devil King Rhino

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7605

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Soar and Ricky skidded backwards for hundreds of miles as a result of the immense air billow. Meanwhile, the devil king beast who transformed into a stout man, got his back crashed mightily against the cliff.

The devil beasts gazed with terror at the combat. The dozen demi-immortal devil beasts especially came to realize that Soar was simply sparing their lives in the previous fight, reserving more of it to fight against the devil king beast.

They knew they could not withstand a single attack from Soar now that they witnessed his true power.

"How could this happen?" The stout man hissed as he jumped into the sky. His giant, pitch-black eyes filled with misdoubt.

"Pow! Pow!" A loud rattling sound came from the man's bones. It sounded as though he was about to explode with rage.

At the sight of the collision, the thin middle-aged man wore a complex expression on his face. Obviously, he was surprised at the scene and baffled at Ricky's and Soar's strength. But it was also clear that he was excited about what would happen next.

"Dear master, what we want to do here on the cliff is to meditate for enlightening. We promise that we will respect the place and do no harm. Would you do us a favor and leave us in peace, please?" Soar said calmly as he stood still.

Soar glanced at the thin middle-aged man as he spoke.

"Do you intruders really want to stay peacefully in Devil Beast Valley? That will be impossible! Go to hell!" replied the stout man aggressively, his eyes now bloodshot.

All of a sudden, the intense evil spirit he had gathered encircled his body like a tornado.

"Moo!" A bellow echoed in the air. A pitch-black rhino sprinted out from the intense evil spirit. Its fifteen-meter tall body had a thick shell of armored scales. He was as big as a mountain in comparison to Ricky and Soar.

"Thump! Thump!" An Ultimate Domain suddenly formed around the black rhino as the evil spirit faded away. Those present could sense that everything in the rhino's peculiar domain increased dozens of times in weight, including the gravity itself.

"Is that his real body?" Ricky asked himself, wide-eyed.

"The Devil King Rhino!" Soar shouted in explanation. "Devil King beasts of this kind are renowned for their strength. Their blo

Ricky and Soar had underestimated the blood power of the emperor beast. Their joint attack was smashed to pieces after only a brief moment of resistance.

Ricky and Soar spat out a large amount of blood as they toppled onto the ground, flung by the force of the beast's power.

To everyone's surprise, they smiled at each other tacitly as they raised their heads.

"It seems that I have failed you, Ricky," Soar beamed. "Looks like I am not strong enough to challenge the Devil King Rhino, the descendant of an emperor beast."

"But we have tried our best. Maybe it is just not our opportunity to seize." Ricky smiled back.

"Devil Flashlight!"

High above in the sky, the Devil King Rhino was preparing for another fierce attack to end Ricky and Soar's lives.

Intense evil spirit gathered between the two sharp horns on the Devil King Rhino's head and produced a streak of black light. The light shot at Ricky and Soar at lightning speed!

Ricky and Soar did not intend to challenge the vigorous attack. Instead, they braced themselves and intended to return to the Chaotic Fire Zone.

But at this very moment, the middle-aged thin man on the cliff took action. He dashed to stand in front of the Devil Flashlight, gathered his evil spirit and raised his arm. His fingers transformed into claws and blocked the Devil King Rhino with casual ease.

Everyone looked in surprise at the thin man, awed at his ability. But for some reason, Soar was not so surprised. He had anticipated this somewhat.

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