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   Chapter 320 Fighting Against Devil King Beast

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Ricky thought it was a good opportunity. However, he was logically planning his strategy and he thought it best that he gave up at this point.

"Ricky, I can give it a try," Soar muttered after contemplating some time.

"The blood power of two devil king beasts are extraordinary, Soar. They can even challenge others that are above their strength. From my Chaotic Fire Zone, I can still sense that they are indeed strong. Don't do it unless you're certain. You are doomed to fail," Ricky warned.

He wasn't going to let Soar take the risk.

"I still want to have a try, Ricky. I want to make a bet because the thin middle-aged man won't fight against us," Soar stated determinedly. There was a firm resolve etched in his eyes.

"What do you mean?" Ricky muttered. He couldn't help but be filled with doubt throughout this whole ordeal.

"Ricky, you will understand after I win the bet. I want to go with you. If I fail, I need your help to put me into the Chaotic Fire Zone," Soar assured.

"Tell me honestly. Are you sure you can handle it?" Ricky gazed straight into Soar's eyes. He wanted to make sure Soar was certain of the risks.

"I am not sure, but half the odds indicate my win," Soar sighed. There was no point beating around the bush with Ricky. It was best for him to answer sincerely because he knew that he cared about him.

"I will go with you. If anything bad happens, I will take you back without any hesitation. Is that okay?" Ricky said. This was no laughing matter. Soar could be put in serious danger.

"Don't worry, Ricky. Everything will go well," Soar vowed. He smiled softly. He was very grateful for Ricky's concern.

With that, Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Zone. They appeared in a place somewhere secret and remote. They prepared to walk out of the Chaotic Fire Zone. Ricky sat on Soar's back and they flew into the horizon.

Howl! Howl!

The devil beasts roared loud as soon as they spotted Soar and Ricky. They were ready to fight against them.

However, being a dragon himself, Soar was able to fly. The devil beasts of Bone Re

rcement remained quiet.

All of them were afraid of Soar.

"I want to know now whether I deserve to stand on the cliff or not," Soar announced as he looked over those devil beasts.

Soar, however, was not addressing the beasts beneath him. He was aiming to communicate to the two devil king beasts on the cliff.

"A little snake that only rely on his blood power dares to barge in our Devil Beast Valley," a huge devil king beast remarked in a strong tone after Soar's declaration.

Soar remained unfazed.

Ricky and Soar felt a gust of evil spirit wind. The devil king beast suddenly appeared in front of them and hit them hard with his fist of evil spirit.

Unable to block the punch, they both felt like they were hit by mountains.

'The Gravitation Enlightenment Power!' Ricky thought.

But Soar possessed the same power as the lower spiritual king. He used the Heaven Melting Fire to resist the enlightening power. Then Ricky felt relieved.

Soar rolled his body, effectively heating himself as scorching as the sun, and collided with the punch.


The collision between two tremendous forces, fire and evil spirit, filled the whole cliff. Soar and the devil king beast both retreated. Waves of air was felt throughout.

Soar had protected Ricky in advance. If he didn't, he would have to go into the Chaotic Fire Zone to avoid the strong collision of air.

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