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   Chapter 319 Enlightening Cliff

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In this state, with both the blood essence of the holy beast and the devil essence, they chose to cultivate again. It might have been a hasty process, but the whole month of hunting practice laid a solid foundation for them.

The minor imperfections they had after the breakthrough would hardly affect their journey towards innate spiritual realm as long as they tempered themselves more before they broke through into that realm.

There were twenty drops of holy beast blood essence. Ricky and Tyson both got seven drops, and Kristen got one. Kristen had already reached the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement and so she gave the two men more blood essence to cultivate themselves.

This time, Soar did not take the holy beast's blood essence. This was because he had already reached the maximum limit of Great Dragon at the present stage. He could only be more powerful when he reached a new realm.

Taking more blood essence wouldn't benefit him at all.

Meanwhile, of the sixteen balls of devil essence, Ricky got six balls while Tyson and Kristen each got five.

They continued to cultivate after distributing the balls amongst themselves. Five days later, they woke up one by one. Ricky had successfully had a breakthrough to the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement, Tyson the ninth, and Kristen nearly reached the peak of the ninth grade!

Upon finishing their cultivation, they fought with devil beasts again, this time mainly fighting to consolidate their current cultivation so that it would be unnecessary to take any more blood and devil essence they'd acquire later on.

If they were to have a breakthrough again, it would most certainly block their way to becoming innate spirits of martial arts.

They successfully consolidated their realms after several days of hunting and battling the beasts.

If not for that innate spiritual king of the Endless Shadow, the power of the three warriors and Soar would have been the strongest in the land!

Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Zone in order to leave the Devil Beast Valley. He wanted to get word of what was taking place in the outside world.

He heard that the members of the Dahlia Palace and other alliance fo

me," Soar replied. "I am worried about something else. Would you control the Chaotic Fire Zone to the peak of this cliff? Then you'll understand what I meant."

Heard Soar's words, Ricky controlled the Chaotic Fire Zone to the peak without hesitation. Then they saw two dark figures on the cliff.

One was a thin middle-aged man, and the other was a hefty man. They each occupied half of the cliff's peak and comprehended the enlightening power quietly. The companions could sense that these two men were emitting special enlightening power of their own spontaneously.

Their power was fusing with the world rapidly. They were definitely in the realm of innate spirit!

As they were in the Valley, it was obvious that they were devil king beasts!

"Oh my! Two devil king beasts!" Tyson said in a low, stunned voice at the sight of the two figures.

Ricky's face also grew serious, his blithe confidence melting away.

If they had been devil beasts at the demi-immortal stage, he would not feel any trepidation. But these were two real devil king beasts. Even with Soar, it was highly unlikely that Ricky and his companions would win.

"Ricky, although these two lower devil king beasts' power hasn't reached the second-class, they are all at the top of third-class. I would possibly be defeated if I fight with them alone," Soar said dejectedly.

"It seems that we have no choice but to give up," Ricky sighed. He was greatly disappointed.

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