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   Chapter 318 The Devil Beast Valley

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"The Devil Beast Valley? Are you sure?" Kristen asked doubtfully after hearing Ricky's suggestion.

Kristen was not alone in her doubt. Tyson was likewise a bit skeptical and wanted to ask the same question. Both of them had no idea why Ricky chose to go to the Devil Beast Valley, because they couldn't be more aware that after entering the extremely dangerous Valley, even a warrior at the realm of demi-immortal would have a slim chance of surviving.

"Kristen, we haven't been to the Devil Beast Valley yet. It's a dangerous place marked on the map from the Aeolus Palace and might also the most dangerous place in this battlefield world. That leads me to think that it will have the most precious treasures waiting for us," Ricky explained slowly.

Then he took out the map and showed its location to Kristen and Tyson. Meanwhile, he told them his speculation that the Endless Shadow and the Aeolus Palace would have no interest in hunting them in such a dangerous valley.

"The Endless Shadow and Aeolus Palace are horrible, indeed!" Kristen exclaimed, agreeing wholeheartedly with Ricky's opinion on their foes. ''In that case, this Devil Beast Valley is actually now the safest place for us."

"Yes, the Devil Beast Valley is a gathering place of devil beasts on this battlefield, and quite a number of them have reached the realm of demi-immortal, and even devil spiritual beasts could be hidden in the depths of the Valley," Ricky said excitedly.

"As warriors from the outside world, we have a very slim chance of survival after we walk into a dangerous place like this. Fortunately, we have a safe shelter place—the Chaotic Fire Zone. We can hide in there at any time we are in danger."

"Wow, that's right! I can't believe I forgot about it," Tyson said abruptly, pumping his fist with excitement. "With your special Zone, we can stay in the Devil Beast Valley as long as we want!

We can also hone our martial arts skills by constantly fighting with the devil beasts!"

"Tyson, fighting against the devil beasts is indeed a means of improving our realm and our fighting power, but it's not the most efficient method we have at our disposal," Ricky said and laughed mysteriously.

"Oh? Are you trying to tell us that you have clues about other opportunities hidden in this Devil Beast Valley?" Tyson asked, puzzled. Kristen too stared at Ricky, her brow furrowed.

"Ha-ha, I'd rather tell you later. After we hunt a few devil beasts, you'll find out then," Ricky said, still smiling mysteriously.

"Oh, my God! Why you have to keep us in such suspense?" Kristen said, pouting her lips.

"Ha-ha, Tyson, Kristen, don't worry! What he's talking about definitely will not let you down," Soar reassured them mysteriously, before he couldn't contain himself any longer and burst out laughing.

Then Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Zone. Along with his two companions and the dragon, Ri

r, what do you mean by that only one devil beast would be helpful to us?" Tyson asked doubtfully, puzzled by Soar's words.

"Tyson, this is the main means of improving our realm and our ability to fight I have mentioned before. Now just watch Soar carefully and you'll know what I am talking about," Ricky reminded and laughed.

Of course, Ricky's mysterious method consisted of hunting many devil beasts and then having Soar extract blood essence of holy beasts and devil essence from their bodies.

In this Devil Beast Valley, almost all devil beasts were at the high grade of Bone Reinforcement. Among them, there would likely be a large population of beast who had the blood power of the holy beasts. They had just hunted seven devil beasts and were lucky enough to have one among them!

With this, Soar began to extract the essence from the beast.

Looking at the extraction process carried out by Soar paired with Ricky's explanation, Tyson finally understood everything and realized that Soar should not be regarded as a simple ferocious beast as he looked.

With the temptation of blood essence and devil essence of the devil beasts, Tyson was greatly inspired and worked much harder to hunt the devil beasts. Kristen finally joined in their hunting activities after making a breakthrough in her realm.

Together, they hunted with increasing speed and efficiency. Only a month later, they had accumulated twenty drops of blood essence of the holy beasts as well as sixteen blocks of devil essence.

And, unwittingly, as their hunting activities went on, Ricky had reached the peak of the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and Tyson could make a breakthrough and reach the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement at any time. Meanwhile, Kristen completely strengthened her realm at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement. She could vaguely feel that she had reached the intermediate stage of the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

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