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   Chapter 317 Open Hearts to Each Other

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Luckily, when the innate spiritual king launched the attack, Ricky had already urged the Chaotic Fire Zone and escaped that valley. The innate spiritual king was left furious as he didn't catch Ricky.

At this moment, Kristen and Tyson both came back from the shock and turned their eyes to Ricky, knowing that Ricky would explain to them. They were gasping their breaths but were eager to hear Ricky's explanations. Heaving a deep sigh, Ricky met their gaze with confusion in their eyes.

"Kristen, Tyson, I know how confused you are right now. But first, let me introduce myself again before I explain this zone and everything that happened." Gazing at the two, Ricky smiled and immediately took the mask away, revealing his real face. The moment Kristen and Tyson saw his face, a flustered and shocked look unveiled from their faces.

This was the decision Ricky made, exposing the Chaotic Fire Zone and facing Kristen and Tyson in his true identity. It might seem a rushed thing to do, but he had to reveal himself for another significant purpose.

In addition, Kristen and Tyson had proven their worth to Ricky, so he didn't find any reason to not trust them. In his heart, he had known what kind of persons Kristen and Tyson were.

If neither of them was sincere, it could only be that either they were really good at pretending, or Ricky was a super idiot. It would have been foreseen by Ricky a long time ago already if they were frauds.

"You... You are..." Tyson jabbered and could not believe the instant change from a familiar face to a strange one. Now, his mind became even more chaotic than earlier because of what he was witnessing.

"Tyson, he is Ricky. Ricky from the Snow Sect who goes against the Realm of Wildness," Kristen said, which was supposed to come from Ricky himself. To Ricky's and Soar's surprise, Kristen was not shocked but calmly told the truth to Tyson, who was currently lost in bafflement.

"Ricky? How is this possible? It's too surreal! Are you really him?" Tyson said with a serious tone.

"Kristen, you seem to have known my identity for a long while. How and since when did you know about it?" Slightly shocked, Ricky smiled and asked Kristen.

"Well, it wasn't obvious at first. But when you said you could cast, I began to suspect it, considering that your ability can challenge above your level. So after you cast two weapons, I saw your excellent Pounding Skill, I could 50% confirm your identity," Kristen started explaining calmly.

"Until there was a time where I had the opportunity to confirm my suspicions. When you used your weapon casting skills to conquer Trent, I've had completely identify you," Kristen finished.

"It seems that I'm not careful enough. What a pity," Ricky said to Kristen flatly, feeling quite disappointed.

However, he was relieved at the same time because it was Kristen who found out. Since this moment, Ricky had more trust in Kristen, because she did not say anything to anyone after she confirmed his identity, which was the strong evidence that Kristen really treated him as a friend. It was lucky for him to find this kind of person who understood that what he had back then was necessary to be hidden.

"Yes, you are. You've let your guard down," Kristen nodded in a poker face.

"Fortunately, it's you who found out about it. Or was it re

ith that perception? You are wrong. This zone is inside me. I call it the Chaotic Fire Zone," Ricky said, with excitement in his voice because now, he could finally tell them what his real skills were.

"What? It is inside you? How did that happen?" the two exclaimed again with synchronized minds. They were surprised again, but not that much because they were starting to adjust with Ricky's constant revelation.

With more puzzle emanating from their eyes, they indeed could not understand how it had happened. They were so lost that they didn't know what to respond.

"You can put it this way. Basically, I got the zone in one of my adventures and it went into my body, just like the spiritual space tool where I can get in and off as I want. But the only difference is that this zone is way stronger than the spiritual space tool," Ricky tried explaining in the most basic way, but how were the judges? Have they understood it already?

"Although I still don't understand it, we shouldn't think about it. We just need to know that you have such a safe zone in your body. That's it," Kristine responded as she cooled down. To her, there was no point of dwelling on others' life.

"Ha-ha. Exactly. We will turn to you when we are in danger!" Tyson joked. "But you can't turn us down at that time," he added seriously.

"Aha, no problem. You have my word. Whenever it may be. You can stay as long as you want," Ricky replied jovially, making the other two smile in relief.


Afterward, they gradually calmed down and thought about what to do later. The innate spiritual king was still out there, waiting for them. The fight had yet to end.

"Ricky, aren't we going to stay in your zone like this later? It's a good defense if we hid like this," Tyson wondered, "But in that case, when the opportunity to become an innate spiritual king appears, I am afraid there will be nothing we can do."

"Of course not. We must fight the innate spiritual king. It is for our own selves. If we defeat that, we will be stronger. We must improve our power so that we can compete with others." Ricky continued and this time, he became more serious, "So we are going to Devil Beast Valley to cultivate ourselves."

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