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   Chapter 316 Ricky's Secret Zone

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"I'm sorry, Ricky, but I'm afraid I'll disappoint you in this respect. The truth is that I didn't know much about the origin of the rumor. I came to the Chaotic Region with Doris ten years ago and she helped me to establish the Dahlia Palace in order to cover my true identity. Ever since, I've heard about the rare opportunity of becoming an innate spiritual king.

Also, I've heard the rumor that a Bronze Key is hidden inside the body of the Skeleton Dragon, and that it has something to do with the chance. But I didn't know about the blood essence of the dragon until we hunted it down," Tina admitted.

"So, I have no idea who started the rumor either." She shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

"Don't feel the need to apologize Tina. I'm not like that. So, it seems that the Endless Shadow has all the crucial information," Ricky commented as he blinked his eyes.

"Oh, they are dangerous. Always keep that in mind, Tina. Although you have Doris, you ought to be more careful. We have no clue what they're about to do next at all," he warned in a serious tone.

"Yes, Ricky! I'll keep myself safe, I promise. I'm quite confident about my capacity to do this," Tina giggled, a smile resting on her lips.

"Oh, there's another thing I'd like to warn you about. The Endless Shadow, their existence is not contained in the Realm of Wildness, but they are spread all over the Misty South. They show up and disappear quietly, watching each one of their targets secretly. I would say they are actually the most powerful and dangerous force in this continent."

"What? They are spread all over the Misty South!?" Ricky exclaimed in disbelief, his eyes wide as saucers. Tina's information surprised him to the core.

This shocked news haunted him for quite a few moments.

"Don't you worry too much, my friend. With Doris beside us, those shadows can't hurt you so easily," Tina comforted with a giggle. His shocked expression kind of amused her.

She knew Ricky had been identified as a key target by the Endless Shadow.

"Well, I'm not being frightened. I just didn't know that they were so powerful and had so many connections," Ricky replied, his tone still revealing his stunned state. He was trying hard to digest this news.

Despite his claim of not being frightened, he cursed secretly in his mind. 'What the hell?! I even told Tyson that we were going to take the Endless Shadow down! Oh, goodness! Maybe in our dreams! The most powerful organization here! I have to admit that I'm not that fearless now.' He hid these thoughts from Tina.

"All right! We can't just talk here endlessly. That's enough for today. Stay here and I'll bring Kristen soon," Tina suggested.

She wished she could spend more time talking to him. She hated to just let him go so soon. However, she knew she couldn't do that. The longer he stayed here, the more easily he might be discovered.

"Yes, sure. Thank you," Ricky replied and watched her leave the room.

A few moments later, Tina brought Kristen in. Ricky's eyes lit up at the sight of Kristen. Tina noticed this and felt a twinge of sadness in her heart. She tried hard to suppress her frustration and offered to walk them out. It could be said that she was being nice in offering to do this, but truth be told, it was so that she could spend more time with Ricky. Tina took the lead and escorted Ricky and Kristen out. A few minutes later, Tina stopped and said, "I'll turn back

his surprised eyes. She just shook her head, indicating that she was at a loss and had no idea what happened and where they were either.


Outside the Chaotic Fire Zone, a stir rose among the warriors. "They are gone! They disappeared! Are they ghosts? I can't believe my eyes!" someone exclaimed. It was just too shocking to digest what just happened. The beast and the man riding it just disappeared into nowhere!? How incredible! Where could they go? How did they do that? Questions flooded their minds, but they could not find an answer. They turned their eyes to the innate spiritual king, desperate for answers.

As a matter of fact, he had no clue either!

But as an innate spiritual king, he had a lifetime of vast experience and knew more than those ordinary men. Immediately, he thought of the spiritual space tool. There was no way a person could disappear like that without a spiritual space tool. Thinking about this, he grew angrier as his eyes darkened. 'Damn it! No other innate spiritual king is here except me! Who could have such ability to do that? Ricky?' he cursed resentfully in his mind.

"Ricky, Russell, he?!" As he muttered the names, he seemed to come to an epiphany!

Immediately, he exerted all his strength and sent it to the surroundings, trying to detect Ricky's breath or smell. However, even an innate spiritual king was not powerful enough to feel the existence of the Chaotic Fire Zone. He was doomed to fail.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Feeling nothing but empty air, the innate spiritual king cursed in rage. He bellowed in pure anger and blasted his powerful innate strength. It was so overwhelming that even the six chiefs were unable to resist it. They all stepped back quickly to keep themselves safe from his raging aura.

"Ha-ha! Don't be in such a rush to find me! We will meet someday sooner or later. You will meet your miserable fate, you old pathetic man!" Ricky's voice echoed in the air as he laughed.

"Bang!" The innate spiritual king immediately flung his most powerful attack at the direction of the voice. The other warriors covered their ears and eyes, protecting themselves against the strong airflow stirred by the attack. However, nothing happened at all. The only thing they heard was the rustling of trees in the wind.

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