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   Chapter 314 The Changing of Situation

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"The Massacring Zone! Is the third zone called the Massacring Zone?" Ricky muttered. "It seems that this zone represents massacre, no wonder I sense a strong smell of killing in this zone."

Then, the message of the golden flame entered Ricky's mind.

The golden flame is the peculiar fire surrounding the Massacring Zone. It was called the Massacring Fire which was the most original force of killing in the world and had evolved over endless time. It was said to be the purest fusion of killing and massacre.

"This Massacring Fire seems very similar to the Heaven Slaughtering Fire." Knowing everything about the Massacring Fire, Ricky murmured to himself.

Afterwards, Ricky felt that the golden runes in the Massacring Zone went into his body and fused with his body just like the devouring rune and the chaotic fire rune did.

Meanwhile, Ricky acquired another set of Supreme Skills--the cultivation method of Massacring Skill from these golden runes namely the massacring rune.

The Massacring Skill, like the Devouring Skill and the Chaotic Fire Skill, contained all kinds of casting skills and methods of martial arts cultivation, but the quintessence was the way of massacring.

There were many possible reasons for killing and massacre.

However, what was the real reason behind killing and massacre? And what was the real supreme enlightenment one got from killing and massacre? The Massacring Skill showed the most correct answer, massacre for protection and justice was the supreme enlightenment of massacre anywhere in the world.

Whether it was killing for guarding a family or guarding a country, they were all the supreme enlightenment of massacre.

"Justice! Protection! Is this the most appropriate reason for killing and massacre?" Ricky deeply thought about it.

According to the Massacring Skill, the final justice belonged to this world and the final protection was to protect this world. But what Ricky want was the justice and protection for the people around him. How could he ensure everyone's safety and justice knowing that there were countless people in the world?

In other words, the world seemed so big that many things seemed disconnected to him.

"Why should I care? I just need to cultivate the Massacring Skill to further enhance my strength." Ricky considered the next moment.

Then Rick

But I heard that those innate spiritual kings are pressuring the owner of the Dahlia Palace to hand her over to them."

"Is that so? They seem very anxious for being unable to find us," Ricky said.

"After all, it is the Treasures from Heaven and Earth at intermediate King Level. Both the middle spiritual king and the upper spiritual king wouldn't be able to resist its temptation." Soar agreed.

"What should we do now? Although this cultivation makes us significantly stronger, there is no doubt that we are throwing straws against the wind if we decide to fight against the two lower spiritual kings recklessly," Tyson questioned.

"No matter what, our priority should be picking Kristen up from the Dahlia Palace," Ricky replied firmly.

Ricky had made a decision. He was ready to expose some of his secrets to Tyson and Kristen, because he had no plans on losing his two true friends.

Kristen was safe in the Dahlia Palace, but he did not want Tina to be put under too much pressure for his sake.

"Alright, we should pick up Kristen then the three of us can get together. Even if we die, we would die together," Tyson said firmly. Tyson couldn't place much trust in the Dahlia Palace.

Tyson assumed that the Dahlia Palace would protect Kristen and others, just because they knew Ricky. Once the innate spiritual king put too much pressure on the Dahlia Palace, they might give in and stop protecting them anymore.

"Stop saying that, Tyson. We don't get Kristen out just then we could die together, okay?" Ricky answered.


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