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   Chapter 313 Massacring Zone

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Once Ricky used the two Supreme Skills in reinforcing the blood essence, a fierce roar resounded through his entire body. What seemed to be a holy panther rushed out from the blood essence.

The holy panther was about to tear everything apart. It seemed as if it was even going to tear Ricky's body into pieces from the inside out.

"The blood essence of holy beasts is truly powerful!" Surprised by the power he acquired from the blood essence, Ricky said out of the corner of his mouth.

Without any hesitation, Ricky used the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula at once. He did not want to be torn into pieces by just a drop of blood essence.

At the same time, Ricky began to use two kinds of runic power to try and repress the power of the blood essence of the holy beast. After that, he was able to control the blood essence of the holy beast. Ricky was then able to start refining this power.

Ricky was extremely cautious in the process of refining the violent blood essence. He used the chaotic fire runes to repress the blood essence as hard as he could, and then absorbed the energy from the blood essence little by little using the devouring runes. After that, he directed the energy to flow through his muscles and bones.

At this moment, Ricky constrained himself from breaking into a higher realm. He intended to keep the energy at first. When the energy flowing through his body increased to a certain amount, he could release the energy and make a breakthrough to a higher realm with a single blow.

So, he kept constraining himself. After a whole day, the energy in Ricky's body reached its peak. At this point, Ricky no longer constrained himself at all.


Immediately, all the energy channeled like numerous arrows that were rushing to the hindrance of the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement Realm. Everything went as planned. With the sound of ruptures in his body, Ricky broke into the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement Realm in an instant.

There was a possibility that Ricky was the first one to ever make a breakthrough through such a way.

Because when Ricky was still at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement Realm, he was the only one who got the body that the warriors at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement Realm would have. Since he had such strong body, he was able to bear the severe energy impact even if only for a while.

If other warriors at the fourth grade of Bone Reinfo

o wonder the physical power of the Ninth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula can compare to that of the innate spiritual King," Ricky said out of surprise, feeling the great power flowing through his body.

He was confident that he could have a good shot at escaping once he met the warrior in the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

"So next, I need to find out what the Aeolus Palace and the Endless Shadow are planning to do," Ricky said coldly, his eyes glaring with confidence. Then he stood up and walked out.

Woo! At this point, the regained spiritual meridian started to resonate in Ricky's brain. He felt that something was changing in the third segment of the regained spiritual meridian.

The third segment that was originally dim began to shine with golden light, and the light grew stronger and stronger as time passed by.

'Is this the third zone and the third Supreme Skill?' With this feeling, Ricky thought in his heart with excitement.

Next moment, the golden light smothered all of his senses.

When he got his senses back, he was already in the golden zone. Like the Devourer Zone and the Chaotic Fire Zone, this zone was extremely spacious.

In the golden zone, the pungent scent of massacre was everywhere.

Ricky felt the sense of killing in the golden zone. But the kind of killing that was for justice and protection. It was bright, not like the dark senseless killing.

At the same time, the golden fire rose in the golden zone; there you would be able to find some golden runes.

After that, a strong sense came to Ricky.

The words emerged in front of him---- Massacring Zone.

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