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   Chapter 312 Cultivation

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"What's wrong with Soar? He has been away for a long time. Why hasn't he come back yet?" Tyson said, sounding a little worried.

"Is it possible that he encountered something unexpected?" Ricky also asked anxiously.

No matter how powerful the chief of the Aeolus Palace and the guardian devil beast was, they were still no match for Soar. He had no reason to be gone for such a long time.

"Russell, what do you know about the level of strength Soar has?" Tyson asked in doubt.

"His power is definitely at the lower spiritual king level. That is what makes me anxious though. I'm afraid that he encountered the devil king beast in this world that is at the spiritual king level. He wouldn't be gone for such a long time otherwise," Ricky said.

"I don't think so. This world is full of the evil spirits, but they're only dangerous for newcomers like us. For devil beasts who have always been living here, the evil spirits are actually too weak for them to cultivate to the realm of an innate devil spiritual beast," Tyson said.

"Both ferocious beasts and the devil beasts can cultivate via devouring blood and flesh. Even if the evil spirits here are not strong enough for devil beasts to break through and become devil spiritual beasts, they can still achieve their goal through devouring other creatures," Ricky said in a low tone.

"Then, what should we do? Should we go out and look for Soar?" Tyson asked. "If it really is a devil spiritual beast that Soar has run into, I think the innate spiritual balls we have should still be effective against it."

"Let's wait another day before we do anything. If Soar doesn't show up by tomorrow, we will go out and look for him," Ricky said.

At this point, Ricky could do nothing but try to believe in Soar. As a Great Dragon, his strength was unfathomable after all. What's more, it would not be easy for Ricky and Tyson to find Soar. As soon as Ricky left the Dark Fog Woods, he could no longer feel any trace of Soar at all. Even his Chaotic Fire Zone could not feel the Heaven Melting Fire that Soar usually released.

That meant that Soar had to be far away from the Dark Fog Woods.

"All right. That's all that we can do currently," Tyson said.

Then they sat down in the valley in silence and waited for the next day to come. They were obviously not as calm as they pretended to be on the outside and were very worried about Soar.


The day passed quickly as they sat quietly in a state of anxiety.

Soar still ha

Melting Fire for himself. He had used up most of his Heaven Melting Fire during the fight with the innate spiritual king.

Sure enough, even if Soar didn't do anything, his body would still recover automatically. That would take a long time and Soar couldn't wait that long though.


Inside the cave, Ricky took out everything he had prepared for his breakthrough, including the drop of blood essence of the Holy Panther, half of the devil essence, and two petals of the Celestial Flower.

"I am really looking forward to reaching the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement and the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula!" Ricky murmured to himself.

After the battles with the Devil Leopard and Jerry, Ricky was sure that his fighting power had reached the peak of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement. The improvement of his fighting power had reached a stage of bottleneck, so he had to improve his realm in order to overcome the bottleneck effect.

He had had everything well prepared before then.

Then, Ricky spent some time resting and adjusting things. He didn't fully devote himself to cultivation until he had adjusted himself to be in the best state for it.

Next, Ricky planned to cultivate and break through his realm first. If his realm could be broken through to a higher level, it would help him with the breakthrough of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

The next thing Ricky did was to swallow a drop of the blood essence of the Holy Panther without hesitation.

Then, he activated his two Supreme Skills to refine the blood essence.

Ricky did somewhat undervalue the power of the holy beast's blood essence.

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