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   Chapter 311 The Guess About the Endless Shadow

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Jerry shouted in anger as he fought Ricky in a neck to neck combat. And his loud shriek and vengeful tone caught the attention of the warriors of the Aeolus Palace. Numerous warriors hurriedly located the source of the sound, but when they arrived in the battlefield, it was too late as Ricky was just about to leave. But of course, the warriors put up a fight to capture Ricky to take revenge on what he did to Jerry. Ricky stood his ground unthreatened. After all, none of the warriors were at the eighth or ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

It was a piece of cake for Ricky. He took all of them down in just an hour. After shutting down the warriors who came after him, he calmly went to his next location where Tyson and Soar should be waiting for him.

They had chosen a remote and small secret valley on the map as their meeting place so that no one could track them easily. It was their checkpoint--they must finish their current task and meet there so that they could check if everyone was okay. And after that could they only move on to their next mission.

After dashing at full speed for almost half a day, Ricky had finally reached his destination where Tyson had been patiently waiting for him.

Tyson, on the other hand, was already at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement so it was a breeze for him to get away from the warriors of the Aeolus Palace.

His eyes were groggy as he awaited the arrival of his other teammates. Then, he heard footsteps approaching him. His eyes sparkled at the sight of Ricky. "Hey Russell! Thank god you're finally here. I've been waiting for so long! I was about to panic because I haven't heard anything from you guys yet and I was worried. We can wait for a couple more minutes. Soar is not here yet. We can wait." Tyson was such a worry wart when it came to his two other friends. He always assumed that something bad happened to them along the way. Ricky's presence took some stress off his shoulders for he was now safe and sound.

"Sure thing, buddy! So, look. I've already got the flower, though the progress was not that easy," Ricky replied with a little curve on his lip.

"That's great! How I wish Soar is telling the truth. I hope this flower won't disappoint us," Tyson sighed in relief. "Soar must be on his way, too. He'll be here any minute. Give it maybe a few more minutes."

"Yeah, sure we can. We still have time." Ricky nodded as a sign of approval. The thing was, he knew that Soar could handle any obstacle on his own. That being said, he did not worry too much about his beast.

Ricky opened his storage bag and took out a black ball that had the texture of grass. He held it in his hand and showed it to Tyson and asked, "Hey, do you have any idea what this is? Have you ever seen something like this in your entire life?"

Tyson held out his hand and took the ball from Ricky. He looked at it and observed if he had seen it before. His eyebrows almost met as he racked his brain for any information regarding the black ball. After a few more looks, his brain lit up. "I got it. I think this must be a Special Fusion Orb at the Demi-spirit Level. If my memory serves me right, this one is rare, and the Sky Manor seems to have two of this kind of orb."

"Say what? Special Fusion Orb at the Demi-spirit Level? Tell me more; I bet this is going to be interesting!" Ricky whispered in delight.

"As far as I know, despite that this sphere is only at the Demi-spirit Level, only a casting master of Demi-spirit Level and innate spiritual king has the capacity to forge a Special Fusion Orb," Tyson explained, with his brain at a high speed as he was forced to recall everything that he knew about the orb.

"This orb has a special function though, as the name suggests. It can contain the special power of the innate spiritual king. Therefore, it must be cast by the innate power. Only the innate power can integrate the special power of the innate spiritual king into the orb.

Take this for example, if an innate spiritual king is concentrated on practicing and cu

from the Shadow King the first time around.

"God, yes! Now I remember! How could I forget the fact that you killed Jerry from the Aeolus Palace! I was so naive to suggest that we stay away from the Endless Shadow! Well, there's nothing left to do but face this head on!" Tyson was everything but a coward. Everyone knew that when the time came for war, he would definitely take the front row.

"Don't you worry too much. I can assure you that the Aeolus Palace is no match for us in this world. I didn't do anything to the Aeolus Palace just because I prefer to keep Soar and his power a secret. Well, for now, at least. Otherwise, their chief would have already been gone by now," Ricky appeased Tyson to ease his mind even for just a bit.

"Your words have magic, huh. I feel better now. Thanks, Russell. Don't go breaking my trust, okay? You'll keep me alive, won't you? Ha-ha," Tyson said and laughed out loud as he approached Ricky and put his arm over his shoulder.

"Oh man! Seriously? For your information, I don't like boys! Take your hands off me!" Ricky curled his lips and said in a seemingly annoyed tone.

"Ha-ha!" They shared the laugh happily.


"So, one more question, Russell. Now that the chief of the Aeolus Palace knows everything, why don't we just send Soar to capture him? I mean we could just ask him face to face. What do you think?" Tyson asked again hoping that Ricky would somehow agree with his suggestion.

"Ha ha ha! You know me well. Just trust me. I've already told Soar to do that. Don't worry; we will have answers soon. But for now, I'm kind of worried that we'll have a hard time extracting information from him. His lips are kinds shut tight right now," Ricky replied as he thought of the uncertainty of the plan.

"I guess that won't be too much of a problem. I've got a thousand methods to make him beg for death should he refuse to talk, even though he is a demi-immortal warrior," Tyson exclaimed with the abundance of confidence and excitement in his eyes.

"Well, well, well. Okay then, I'll hand this task over to you. Surprise me, man!" Ricky laughed. "You bet! Don't you know that I am an expert at digging out secrets? I won't make a fool out of you." Tyson shared his delight.

They shared the rest of the day. They laughed, talked, and planned out how the mission was supposed to go while they waited for Soar to arrive. They could fill him in easily with the details of the next mission. What was important was that Soar arrived as soon as possible. But after a while, they noticed something really strange--there was still no trace of Soar. The two men were starting to worry for this was very anomalous behavior for Soar.

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