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   Chapter 310 Snatching

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"Shadowy Fatal Light! Attack!"

As a roar arose, the replications of Jerry suddenly jumped high into the air. He turned his pitch-black spiritual energy into two beams of bright light and rushed at Ricky.

He even used the wind blade. Two beams of Shadowy Fatal Light were more destructive with the intense wind blade as part of the attack.

Jerry spared no efforts in his attack on Ricky. That was one of Jerry's most powerful moves. He faced the danger of death when he used it. However. Jerry exerted strength that was almost at the same level as that of warriors at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Unfortunately, Ricky had seen that powerful move before when he fought against Thomas. When he had fought Thomas, Ricky had realized that the Devouring Storm was the way to defeat the Shadowy Fatal Light. He was able to resist it without any effort.

It was the first time he had seen the wind blade though. But it was nothing to Ricky who had the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

"Devouring Storm,"

Ricky shouted as he activated a cone-shape hurricane of devouring runes at that moment. Then, he rushed at Jerry with the endless devouring power he possessed.

Boom! The rumble of wind rolled across the dark sky when the two fierce forces collided with each other. It didn't produce the explosion of air that Jerry had expected though.

Jerry felt confused because the Shadowy Fatal Light disappeared when it collided with the Devouring Storm. Only Ricky knew that the Shadowy Fatal Light was absorbed by the Devouring Storm and eliminated by the Devourer Zone.

Ricky also realized that the two beams of Shadowy Fatal Light were produced by the replications of Jerry and that Jerry hadn't attacked Ricky himself. That was because the Shadowy Fatal Light that Jerry used couldn't go into the Devourer Zone through the Devouring Storm.

Ricky wanted to find where Jerry hid, so he once again activated more the devouring runes.

Ricky knew that Jerry hid by using his spiritual weapon. It was hard for Ricky to see him because of that. He was an assassin, so he was going to try to kill Ricky secretly with a critical move.

At that point, Ricky unleashed the forces of two zones and it was not long before they reached their peaks. Ri

scream of pain and frustration!

Slowly, with the disappearance of the strong vibrations and the waves of air, two figures came back down from the sky. One of the figures was Ricky. Ricky looked like a drowned rat as he descended, but he wasn't badly injured.

Jerry, however, was dead. His corpse was what came down from the sky with Ricky.

If Ricky hadn't stopped the attack in time, Jerry would have turned into the dust. His corpse could have been completely destroyed if Ricky wasn't careful.

Ricky took out Jerry's storage bag and made sure that the Celestial Flower was in the storage bag. Then, he put it into his Chaotic Fire Zone for safe-keeping.

In the storage bag, Ricky also found a black glass ball with a crack on it. He thought that maybe it was a spiritual weapon that had something to do with the innate force Jerry had used.

'I think this black glass ball will help me in the future. I had better find out how to use it, ' Ricky thought to himself.

He didn't have time to think too much; he had to leave the area as soon as he could.

Then, Ricky threw Jerry's corpse into the black lake because it was useless to Ricky and he had no respect for Jerry.

"I truly didn't know before we fought that the Aeolus Palace wanted to ambush and kill me and snatch my spiritual weapons. You still underestimated me in that fight. As a consequence, you have only yourself to blame for your death,"

Ricky said calmly as he threw Jerry's corpse into the water.

Next, Ricky left in a hurry.

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