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   Chapter 309 Saw Shadowy Replication Again

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As far as people concerned, Ricky was indeed a talent. But even so, he shouldn't have been so strong and formidable! Since when had he been able to wield such terrifying strength?

At that moment, Jerry understood why Ricky had been calm and unflappable since the very beginning. Nobody with such strength and power would feel panicked in this situation!

"Jerry, leave the Celestial Flower here and tell me all that you know. I promise that I will spare your life if you do so," Ricky said calmly, standing tall.

"Ha-ha!" Jerry gave a loud and sarcastic laugh in response to this demand.

"Russell, I have to admit that your strength is really impressive. But you'd be a fool to think that you can take the Celestial Flower by force. So naive you are!"

"Huh? Do you really think that? Your strength and fighting skills are inferior to mine. Now you're telling me that I'm naive?" Ricky answered incredulously.

"That's because I just used 70% of my strength," said Jerry, his face growing serious.

"You're really arrogant. Now try again and don't let me down this time," Ricky retorted immediately.

"Nobody's half as humble as I am. But I'm still confident about my strength and powers!" Having said this, Jerry launched another attack.

Driven by the power of wind, Jerry's speed was nearly that of a warrior at the eighth grade of Bone Refinement. Countless sharp and tiny wind blades appeared and wrapped themselves around him, as if he wore a robe made of wind.

"Fist of Wind Blade!"

Jerry's strength erupted. With the speed of light, Jerry punched a dozen times, all of his strikes carrying volatile wind blades. Ricky could feel the attacks from all directions.

However, he didn't seem to be awed or frightened. He didn't even assume a defensive stance! Instead, he applied all his power and strength on his physical body, used the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to the full, and rushed right at Jerry.

"Go to hell!" Jerry yelled at the sight of Ricky rushing towards him.

He knew Ricky was a body-refining warrior. Even so, how could a physic

irit fused together. One could imagine that his next attack would be the most formidable and deadliest.

"It doesn't feel right! It's totally wrong!" A suspicious voice chimed inside Ricky's head. He stared at Jerry and asked pointedly, "It doesn't make sense that you're the son of the Aeolus Palace's owner but he doesn't know you're an assassin from the Endless Shadow.

I was once told that members of the Endless Shadow had no family. So, this must mean that your father's also an assassin. Even more, the Aeolus Palace's actually controlled by the Endless Shadow," Ricky added.

After Ricky finished his reasoning, Jerry clapped his hand and shouted, "Bravo, impressive.

Ricky, you're really smart. Unfortunately, I hate guys who are smarter than me. I once swore to God that If I met someone like that, I'd have to kill them. God knows that I always make good my promises.

I must admit that you are a threat to me and my family. I can't let you live another day," said Jerry in anger and out of jealousy.

He then briskly launched another attack.

He rushed towards Ricky, carrying the dark spiritual energy. Suddenly, it looked like he had a clone running beside him.

"Shadow Replication!" Seeing this, Ricky couldn't help but shout hoarsely. He had recognized what skill Jerry was applying.

In a flash, Ricky's purple body had been wrapped completely by devouring runes.

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