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   Chapter 307 An Effective Way To Decoy Them Away.

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"The devil beast is being the devil beast, guarding the Celestial Flower as always. It is now clear that the chief of the Aeolus Palace has not yet gotten the Celestial Flower. Plus, thanks to this devil beast, we have a better chance than ever," Ricky remarked.

"What should we do next?" Tyson asked.

"Let's step into the Dark Fog Woods that you talked about, Tyson, and then let's pool our ideas to size up the situation," Ricky ordered.

If Ricky decided to order Soar to fire on all of the cylinders at this moment, they would be able to seize the Celestial Flower without much difficulty. But that was not an option just yet. Soar was Ricky's trump card, and he did not want to turn it up right now.

Since unexpected things were always coming up all of a sudden, the more trump cards you had, the better.

Soar was able to read Ricky's mind, so he did not volunteer to take on everything.

A while later, they marched into the Dark Fog Woods…

The Dark Fog Woods was a remote area in the huge battlefield they were in. It was shrouded in thick black mist that never dissipated.

The evil spirits in the black mist far outnumbered those in other places. More than that, slightly toxic fumes also existed there. In spite of how dangerous it was, it was not alarming for the warriors of Bone Reinforcement.

In that moment, a number of carcasses of the devil beasts as well as a couple of dead warriors were scattered across the Dark Fog Woods. Ricky identified some of the dead warriors to be from the Aeolus Palace, and the others were from various places.

Obviously, for any warriors, stepping into the Dark Fog Woods meant being killed by the warriors of Aeolus Place.

Not far from the Dark Fog Woods, Ricky, Tyson and Soar moved quietly. With the help of Ricky's two powerful zones, it was unlikely for them to be found out so long as they proceeded with care.

"It's heavily defended here. I cannot see them, but I can sense that there are many warriors waiting to ambush anyone who passes this place. If only the three of us show up, they will attack us in groups at once," Soar said.

"It seems like they have become a lot more cautious after what happened to them," Tyson speculated.

"They are already aware of our plan. Had I known that they were going to be so ungrateful, I would never have released them. Some of them once hunted you," Ricky said regretfully.

"Yeah, well you're the only one to blame for that! You became too compassionate that time," Tyson curled h

even stronger and louder. A moment later, the violent roars gradually vanished. It was quite clear that Soar had already lured them away.

"Tyson, Soar was able to do his task successfully. Now, your task is to lure the warriors of the Aeolus Place away," Ricky said with a laugh.

"I knew you had a plan for me. But I am telling you now, right from the onset, that you must give me another petal of the Celestial Flower once you have taken it," Tyson advised.

"Ha-ha, don't worry about it. I'll make sure that you get a slice of pie," Ricky promised with a laugh.

With this, Tyson ran into the Dark Fog Woods without fear immediately.

"Tyson, are you crazy? You're playing with fire! How dare you come here?" As soon as Tyson appeared, many of the warriors of the Aeolus Palace jumped out and said menacingly.

"Ha-ha, why wouldn't I come here? The treasures of the world belong to those who have the ability to take them. Since the Aeolus Palace has suffered with impotence, it is only natural for me to come here," Tyson said, laughing.

"You are dead meat!" Upon hearing Tyson's insulting words, the warriors of the Aeolus Palace all roared with rage.

"Brothers, our chief has offered a bounty on Tyson, and just now, he insulted our beloved Aeolus Palace. It is an immensely grave crime! Kill him! Kill him!" With deafening battle cry, the warriors of the Aeolus Palace began to encircle Tyson.

Tyson did not run away instantly. He deflected several attacks then retreated.

Once Tyson had lured away the warriors of the Aeolus Palace, Ricky immediately launched his action plan. At once, he quickly moved into the depths of the Dark Fog Woods.

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