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   Chapter 306 The Mysterious Aeolus Palace

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"What? Only body refining warriors can make full use of this Celestial Flower?" Ricky asked him in a hurry after he heard what Soar said. His eyes shone bright with excitement because that was not what he expected from the white petal.

Tyson was in the same mood, because he was also a body refiner. He was even more of a professional in body refinement than Ricky was.

"In addition to a small amount of the purest energy of heaven and earth, the flower mainly contains the energy of pure ice and flame. In the process of its refinement by warriors, those two extreme forces will collide with each other. When that happens, they can refine cultivators' bodies to the greatest states that they can reach.

I think you know how amazing that is. If you can obtain this flower, you can use it to cultivate the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and it will reach the Eighth Degree, or even the Ninth Degree, in a very short time," Soar said.

Hearing that, Ricky could not suppress the excitement in his heart any more. The Celestial Flower was exactly what he needed for his cultivation.

"Russell, it seems that you can't wait to get the flower; I can see it on your face." Tyson laughed as he looked at the excitement on Ricky's face. His own excitement could not be concealed from his face either.

"Of course, no one could resist such a good treasure," Ricky said with a heavy sigh.

"Ha-ha, that's right. Do you know where I got this petal from?" Tyson asked with a mysterious smile on his face.

"Please tell me!"

… Then, Tyson told Ricky his whole story.

After entering the ruins of an ancient battlefield, Tyson was soon confronted by devil beasts. Through the battle with devil beasts, he found out the problem of being eroded by evil spirits around there.

Later, he met the robbers. After a reverse-robbery, Tyson also joined their team to rob others. He did it because, in such an situation, only resources could support their lives. The ones who had more cultivating resources would have more chances to stay alive in such a place.

At the same time, Tyson had also been looking for Ricky and the others.

Inadvertently, Tyson then entered a forest full of black mist. In that forest, he found many disciples of the Aeolus Palace. It had naturally attracted his attention that so many disciples of the Aeolus Palace gathered there.

"Tyson, you mean the disciples of the Aeolus Palace were all gathered in that forest for some reason?" Ricky asked

ontinued telling his story.

… After Tyson entered the Dark Fog Woods where the disciples of the Aeolus Palace gathered, he secretly went deeper into the woods. Then, he saw the Celestial Flower and realized it was at the intermediate King Level.

At that point, the chief of the Aeolus Palace was fighting against the devil beast who guarded the Celestial Flower. All the warriors of the Aeolus Palace were also concentrated on fighting the beast. Tyson was naturally reluctant to let go of the great opportunity and wanted to steal the Celestial Flower from them.

Unfortunately, the chief of the Aeolus Palace and the devil beast's attention was concentrated on the Celestial Flower completely despite the fact that they were fighting. So, before Tyson could get close to the flower, two fierce attacks were coming toward him.

Tyson had to use the power of the innate spiritual ball to resist the fierce attacks.

After he used the innate spiritual ball, Tyson was lucky enough to take off a petal from the flower. After he stole a single petal, he was able to escape.

After that, he was hunted down by the warriors of the Aeolus Palace as he ran away.

"Tyson, how powerful were the devil beasts guarding the Celestial Flower?" Ricky asked curiously after listening to Tyson's story.

"Very strong. It was only after the chief of the Aeolus Palace and the warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement cooperated together, that they had enough strength to push back against it. I guess I would have still had to use up all the power of the innate spiritual ball before I could escape," Tyson said with a bit of fear in his voice.

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