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   Chapter 305 The Celestial Flower

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"I know what you're driving at, but I'm afraid this is not going to work, Ricky! I can't extract the devil essence from every devil beast." Soar shook his head solemnly. He completely understood what Ricky was trying to say. But his absurd proposal left him no choice but to decline. Not every devil beast contained the devil essence in theory.

Feeling that Ricky must feel extremely disappointed with his answer, he tried explaining further. "I managed to extract the devil essence from this panther because it had the blood of the holy beat running in its body. Otherwise, I wouldn't have succeeded in doing so. I'm sorry," he muttered, hoping his statement would ease Ricky's frustration.

"I see. You don't have to apologize," Ricky reassured. "You've done more than enough. The devil essence you gathered for me is such a precious gift. I am extremely grateful for all your work," Ricky assured. He was a reasonable being. He knew when to appreciate those who were there for him when he needed them.

"Don't keep thanking me. That's so distant. You have helped me a lot too. Remember the droplet containing the blood essence of the Great Dragon? You gave the ninety percent of its energy to me!" Soar guffawed.

"Ha-ha! Yes! I help you, you help me!" Ricky quipped. The two burst into laughter.

'I won't be alone on the way to become stronger.' Ricky smiled to himself. Having Soar beside him made the burdens in his life a whole lot easier to carry. Before Soar came to this world, he felt like he was always alone. He made a few friends here and there, but the loneliness never left him. But now, thanks to Soar, he had a friend who came as freely as birdsong and brought out the dance in his soul. They would help and support each other to the end.

They started with their primary goal: searching for the great chance of becoming an innate spiritual king. This was not an easy task. They had to be iron-willed to find an answer. Many warriors had been searching for this chance too. Most of them gave up when they could not see any hope.

But Ricky was different. He was not one to falter in the face adversity. Perseverance was one of his distinctive characters. They were now outside the mysterious area. Beneath where they were situated was a piece of ground of an ancient battlefield. Ricky was starting to doubt the authenticity of the so-called chance. For the past few days, they spent their time searching in many places. However, no matter where they went, the Bronze Key made no response at all, which made him more suspicious. Ricky was starting to get frustrated. No matter how patient he was, there was still a limit to his temper.

Yet, he suppressed his exasperation. 'We did not find any trace of the chance. Perhaps the chance doesn't exist at all. But the rumor about this chance has been spreading over the land for more than ten years. It doesn't make sense if it's not real. Maybe I shall keep looking for it!' Ricky argued with himself with furrowed brows. They already spent a lot time looking for the chance. It'd be waste to give up now.

Why was the origin of the Bronze Key had something to do with the blood essence of the Great Dragon? And where did the Skeleton Dragon come from? Questions surged into Ricky's mind. Soon, his brain was filled with unsolved problems.

He rubbed his forehead as he felt his frustrations welling up once more. But he shook his head to keep himself focused. 'Maybe I sh

Earth of intermediate King Level! It's called the Celestial Flower," Soar murmured in a low yet excited voice.

This petal must be extremely precious and valuable. He, as a Great Dragon, even grew excited.

"Exactly! You are absolutely right! It is the Celestial Flower! A treasure of intermediate King Level!" Tyson nodded with overjoyed eyes. He was fortunate to harvest this petal upon searching this land. Unfortunately, before he had the time to refine it, someone from the Aeolus Palace noticed this and shared this information with his companions. The guy knew he wouldn't be able to take down Tyson on his own, so he called for his friends to take it away from him. They almost came close but thanks to Ricky and Soar's appearance, they were not able to snatch it away from him.

Only a few people could resist a Treasure from Heaven and Earth of intermediate King Level. For warriors at their level, it was extremely precious. That was exactly why those men were hunting him. They knew once they had it, a foreseeable breakthrough would be waiting for them. All they needed was employ this white petal during their cultivation.

"What? A treasure of intermediate King Level?" Ricky muttered in surprise as he reached out to touch the petal softly.

"Soar, can you tell me what the flower is for?" he quipped, eager to know more.

"Yes. The Celestial Flower grows up by absorbing the purest fire power and frosty power. Therefore, it owns the purest innate power. That's why the evil spirit retreated when they were greeted by the light of the petal," Soar explained.

"The flower is embedded with enormous frosty power and fire power. But these two powers don't show up. It can only be felt once a warrior refines it.

Since the Celestial Flower is too pure, it can't survive and can't grow up where there is light. It only appears in dark, gloomy environment. This place is a piece of land of an ancient battlefield where moist and darkness filled up. It is a perfect place to breed a Celestial Flower.

As for what it's for, it can improve the warrior's level, of course. What's more, it helps the warrior to strengthen the ability to feel and absorb the pure power in the space around them. But it only applies to warriors who practice the body refining cultivation method."

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