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   Chapter 304 The Value Of The Devil Leopard’s Body

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Picking up the storage bags around them, Ricky discovered that there were a considerable amount of resources contained within. This was also a great bounty for him.

"It looks like these two guys had found something wrong here earlier so they started hunting some warriors and taking their belongings," Ricky said as he transferred the cultivation resources to his own storage ring.

Then Ricky turned his eyes to the Devil Leopard's body.

"Soar, why did you ask me to keep its body?" Ricky inquired.

After all, it had been Soar who made Ricky keep the corpse of the Devil Leopard. Otherwise, he was merely greed for its taste.

"Ricky, although this Devil Leopard was only at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement, it had the blood power of a Holy Panther. Together with its own physical body, this combination would benefit us to some degree," Soar explained.

Ricky released him from the Chaotic Fire Zone upon hearing this.

As he grew larger, he spit out the purest Heaven Melting Fire, and began to quickly burn the Devil Leopard's body.

Ricky witnessed the Devil Leopard surrounded by the Heaven Melting Fire. What was unusual was that he didn't notice a burning smell or even any damage on its appearance. He could only sense the blood boiling inside its body.

Immediately, Ricky understood that Soar did this on purpose.

"Soar, what are you doing?" He asked curiously.

"Ricky, in our inherited memory from ancient Heaven Melting Dragons, there is a set of cultivation methods that can extract blood essence from the corpses of ferocious beasts and spiritual beasts. It is what I am using to extract Holy Panther's blood essence!" Soar replied.

"Such a cultivation method exists!?" Ricky was rather surprised at this information. His eyes grew full of expectation. It was the blood essence of Holy Panther, the holy beast! How couldn't he be ecstatic about it?

An hour later, two drops of bright red blood slowly rose from the body of Devil Leopard.

"Howl! How

tial, like the calm before an incoming storm. This kind of energy was exactly what Ricky desired for his cultivation.

With the droplets oozing out, the body of the Devil Leopard began to dry up, and soon it turned to skin and bones. As it did this, a swarm of evil spirits hidden inside floated out.

"Soar, this's..." Ricky's mouth fell open, a vague guess in his mind.

"Ricky, this is the fully extracted devil essence of the Devil Leopard refined by the Heaven Melting Fire. It may be greatly useful to your cultivation," Soar replied smugly, evidently very pleased with himself.

Controlling the Heaven Melting Fire, Soar gathered all the black droplets together to form a palm-sized puddle of black liquid. Once he accomplished this, he burned the body of the Devil Leopard into ashes.

"The devil essence!" Ricky exclaimed approvingly.

He looked at Soar with gratitude shining in his eyes.

"Ricky, put the devil essence away right now! It will likely be of great help when you break through the Eighth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula." Soar smiled again. He could feel the young man's genuine gratitude.

"Awesome!" Ricky exclaimed as he did as Soar instructed him.

"Soar, since you can extract the devil essence from a devil beast's body, shall we..." Ricky inquired, anticipation in his eyes.

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