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   Chapter 303 Felt The Power Of Doris Again

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"I sensed that. I think the two sneaky guys will show up soon," Ricky said seriously.

He was right. The moment he finished speaking, a round of applause rang out. Then, two middle-aged men wearing black walked out from the distant forest.

"Master Russell, no wonder you're the chief of the palace. It didn't even matter that the Devil Leopard reached his most powerful status when it went berserk. You were still able to kill it with one move!" one of the men said. His eyes were completely filled with greed as he looked at Ricky and the Devil Leopard's corpse.

"By looking at your clothes, I can tell that you are from the Nether Palace. Am I right?" Ricky said, toning down the power around him. By then, he had already figured out that they were planning to rob the cultivation resources from him.

The warriors had been in the ancient battlefield for hours, and many of them had found that they were unable to dispel or refine the evil spirit they had absorbed.

So if they wanted to stay here longer, they must have a large number of cultivation resources. And the only thing they could do that was rob the resources from the other warriors there.

Ricky saw that the robes of the two men were embroidered with the word 'Nether', and so he knew that they must be members of the Nether Palace.

"Master Russell, our chief has told us a lot about you. He said you were the most talented person to ever exist in the Chaotic Region. We're honored to see you. Would you like to compete with us so that we can learn from each other?" They approached Ricky further and sandwiched him in the middle. From the vital energy fluctuation around them, Ricky could tell that they had reached the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

'These two guys are really shameless!' Ricky thought.

"Ricky, let me deal with these two guys. Both of them are warriors at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement, so you are no match for them right now," Soar said.

But Ricky shook his head slightly.

"Looks like those guys will be crushed into pieces," Soar said with a sympathetic tone. He had figured out what Ricky was about to do next, and he kne

Tina," Soar said.

"You're right, Soar. Doris has really given me a lot. I will forever remember her kindness and do all I can to save Tina as the best gesture of thanks. That's the reason why I made a promise to her," Ricky said with a nod.

"Ricky, I have a hunch that you will be the leader of this region, as no man is more righteous and generous than you!" Upon hearing what Ricky said, Soar's respect for him increased even more.

"Ha-ha! Soar, I wish what you said will come true." Ricky laughed.

Ricky had never even thought that he would become the leader of the region in the future. It just seemed so farfetched that he did not even dare to think about it. What he was going to do was to constantly make himself even stronger as much as he could and guard what he had already possessed.

Most importantly, he was a person who always acted based on his own sense of justice.

For example, he knew that Doris was so kind to him all because of Tina, but Ricky did not see it that way. For him, since Doris had helped him, he had to promise himself that he would repay her.

"Ricky, the longer I stay with you, the more I feel that I made the right choice to follow you," Soar remarked.

"Really? Then I'll try my best not to let you down," Ricky said with a smile.

Then he shifted his gaze to the broken corpses of the men from the Nether Palace, and looked at the storage bags in their inner pockets.

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