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   Chapter 302 Flame Torrent

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Boom! Boom! As a devil beast, the Devil Leopard's body became bigger and bigger as the momentum around it kept getting stronger and stronger insanely. It seemed that it was now evolving into something more powerful.

Its arms and legs enlarged in a minute and it doubled its whole body just in an instant. Now, the Devil Leopard had become gigantic. Seeing this made Ricky too much intimidated and surprised.

Hah Letting out a loud roar, Devil Leopard's momentum reached the peak. More and more evil spirit surrounded its huge body, and the evil spirit began to form a shadow of a tremendous beast. Even though Ricky didn't know what kind of the beast it was, he could tell that it was a beast with strong blood power of the innate spirit. What he didn't know was why the Devil Leopard could do this in the first place which he didn't anticipate. Earlier, he was struggling already with the level of Devil Leopard, but now, how could he defeat the stronger version?

"Am I seeing this right? Darn it! I can't believe that this Devil Leopard can really reach the berserk state when it activates its blood power of innate spirit," Soar sighed using his internal power, making Ricky curious.

"What do you mean berserk?" Ricky asked, confused. This was the first time he heard of it. Knowing what just had happened could give him an idea on how to defeat the Devil Leopard's stronger version.

"Berserk. The evil spirit that is one kind of Light Apperception. It's a crazed one. The devil creatures are able to gain manic power when its blood power reached the peak," Soar started explaining.

"If they activate the manic power during the fights, they'll become berserk. If they become berserk, it means that they'll be in a crazed state and be indulged in fighting and killing. Their power and momentum will be greatly enhanced," he added further with a deep sigh for the second time. He was starting to get terrified for Ricky.

"Of course, there is a time limit and side effects. They can't stay berserk forever. That would be your advantage," Soar stated, making Ricky felt quite relieved.

"Berserk... I didn't expect that I would run into such a powerful beast in my first battle here. I might die at this rate," Ricky muttered after hearing Soar out. Even with the death waiting for him ahead, his intent to fight was evidently seen in his eyes.

To Ricky, the more powerful the enemy was, the stronger his intent became. Nothing could stop him, not even his inner fears.

Without hesitation, Ricky activated the second level of Fire Cloud Fist to double his power. Two runes flowed all over his body. This time, he was engaging in something more powerful yet more dangerous.

Since the Devil Leopard became berserk already, he knew that he couldn't spare his strength, or he might come off on a bad start in the battle. Pushing himself to the limits was way better than giving up and letting the devil succumbed him. He would choose to die proudly than live embarrassingly.

"Human warrior! Go to hell!" roared the Devil Leopard intensely with blazing eyes. Right after the roaring, it launched an attack towards Ricky in just the blink of an eye. This time, it would seem that Ricky co

that the Devil Leopard was about to face its end this time around, after a long play of tug-of-war with a human warrior.

Groaning in pain, the Devil Leopard turned into a burnt-out corpse a few moments later. The shadow of the Holy Panther flying in the air disappeared in a twinkle as well, which meant that the battle was finally over. Victory, not extinction, came to the human race.

"Hooh! At long last! It's over! Flame Torrent! It's amazing! I could never defeat that devil of it wasn't for that skill," Ricky sighed with exhaustion as he reverted back to a human being.

This skill was one of his new skills he learned during his three-month cultivation with Doris. It was indeed a life-saving skill.

Both of the Devouring Storm and the Flame Torrent were Omnipotent Skills. He had mastered Devouring Storm based on the Devouring Skill within the Devourer Zone and the Flame Torrent based on the Chaotic Fire Skill within the Chaotic Fire Zone. With these two main divisions, he was able to burn the Devil Leopard in an instant, even though it inherited the blood power of a holy creature.

Flame Torrent could merge with the chaotic fire runes and the force of roaring flame. All of them could merge together into his body and became a torrent of flame. The torrent of flame could over the enemies' body while the chaotic fire runes could eliminate their skills. No wonder why the Devil Leopard's power was eaten with it.

Since Flame Torrent was an Omnipotent Skill, even though Ricky was still raw to how to use it, he still could beat the Devil Leopard with it. Compared with the Devil Leopard's inherited skill, it was much more powerful. The Devil Leopard was doomed to be defeated. However, Ricky was still not confident with it. The incident earlier was just a lucky instance for him.

'Without these two, I would have died earlier already. The Flame Torrent and the Devouring Storm are my powerful skills! I should try to connect their power with my saber skills as well!' Ricky sighed to himself in relief.

"Ricky, we have some companies here. Two guys!" Soar warned, making Ricky's senses activate again.

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