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   Chapter 301 Fierce Fighting with Devil Leopard

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"Devil's body. Hmm, how should I explain this? It is actually a strong cultivation method of body refining. As devil beasts got stronger and stronger, this method will also advance continuously, so as the devil's body.

So, Ricky. It is not strange that your Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula would be broken by the devil beast at the seventh stage of Bone Reinforcement. That's how powerful devils are."

"With that power, devils truly deserve to be the enemy of all lives in the whole continents. Their most ordinary ones are as strong as the body refining warriors of us. No wonder why some warriors die when a devil spirit possessed them." Hearing Soar's explanation, Ricky softly sighed with emotion. However, instead of being downgraded, he took it as a challenge for himself.

In the next moment, purple light shone in Ricky's eyes, and his whole body was also covered by purple light. It was nothing but the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. He was eager to do his best to conquer the devil's body.

"Let me use my Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to fight with this so-called devil's body! It's now or never," Ricky said slowly, preparing himself to release his tremendous power.

Meanwhile, the force of roaring flame mixed with the purple light evolved together and was now all gathered in his fists. It was accumulating gradually.

Growl! Seeing Ricky also burst strength and wanted to fight back again, the Devil Leopard roared more loudly to retaliate. Its eyes shot at him very sharply and full of an evil spirit. If the expression in its eyes could kill people, Ricky would have been killed for thousands of times already. The tension between them worsened as their bodies got closer to each other.

Sizzle. It could be seen that every single hair on Devil Leopard's body was gushing out the strongest evil spirit. The evil spirit made the body hair became thorns, and any object would be scarred and battered once contaminated it. On the other hand, Soar could only watch the fight as he was afraid to interrupt Ricky's strategy if he joined him.

In the next moment, the Devil Leopard ran wildly and the speed raised to its acme. When people only saw the black dust scatter, its huge body had already shown up in front of Ricky's face, and the sharp claw which had become a killing machine for a long time stroked towards Ricky fiercely with an evil spirit. It was a sudden yet fatal attack.

It seemed that Ricky might become broken bits under the sharp claw for just one second. Soar gasped in fear and hoping Ricky would not meet his end already. Ricky knew that the Devil Leopard was not an easy target, that anyone could die by its fury.

However, after the three-month's cultivation under the instruction of Doris, Ricky had promoted a lot not only on levels and hierarchy of casting

ared in Ricky's mind. Without any doubt, it was the Devil Leopard's voice. How cunning...

The beasts at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement couldn't speak directly, but they could understand human language and communicate with human warriors using their internal power. It was enough for the devil to penetrate Ricky's mind.

"How determined. You want to hunt me as your dinner. I'm afraid you cannot achieve it by your strength now," Ricky replied. "Just in time, I haven't tasted the beast which cultivated the evil spirit. Today will be your last day! "

Then, Ricky took the Iron Destroyer out of the storage bag. This was the last resort he could do to stop the fight.

Since Ricky could not beat the Devil Leopard by bare hands, he wouldn't waste his power and used this Iron Destroyer which had recently been nourished again with innate power.

Meanwhile, Ricky believed that the sharp claw of this Devil Leopard could not withstand the power of the Iron Destroyer. Gathering his strength, he pulled out the Iron Destroyer and shot a deadly gaze at the Devil Leopard.

Buzz! The Iron Destroyer rattled loudly since it came out. It was clear that it had sensed the fight and couldn't wait to fight.

As the Iron Destroyer showed up, the eyes of the Devil Leopard became more serious, because it could sense the danger; to be exact, it was a coercion from the strong to the weak.

It was unquestionable, because super powerful Doris had nourished the Iron Destroyer by her innate power.


The Devil Leopard roared again.

Then, the body of the Devil Leopard changed again.

Its loose hair became much more looser. And the spreading black evil spirit seemed like it was boiling endlessly and even boiled the air around.

Bang! After that, every vein on the Devil Leopard's body all bulged. At the same time, Ricky sensed the devil leopard's momentum was increasing rapidly.

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