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   Chapter 300 Devil Beast

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Ricky almost believed it when he heard Soar mentioned something about the ancient battlefield once more. It was described to be abandoned, with traces of history etched in every inch of land it covered. Such triggered the power of Ricky's two big zones, and also, he could feel the residual flavor of the past wars which happened in the location.

"But Soar, how can the ancient battlefield suddenly appear in the Realm of Wildness? After all, it is such a desolated and small place," Ricky asked in doubt.

"It's simple. Thousands of warriors had once fought in this large battlefield and among them were the extremely powerful ones, too. It was far too easy for them to break the edge zone of this ancient battlefield using their powers," Soar explained.

"As for those broken edge zones of the ancient battlefield, they were most likely to flow into space and drift with its power. So if I'm not wrong, this specific area is most likely to be one of the broken parts of the ancient battlefield."

"Well, perhaps that could be true. Otherwise, how could the evil spirit possibly appear in this place?" Ricky said in a low tone. "But, how about the pure spiritual energy? The one that's surging out of the white whirlpool and the Chaotic Region. I want to know more. Could it be used just to mislead the public?"

"Sorry, man. But that's all I know about the ancient battlefields. As for the pure energy, it doesn't trigger anything from my inherited memories," Soar said in a humble tone.

Ricky's visage then turned glum when Soar told him that he apparently had reached the end of his knowledge about the ancient battlefields. But Ricky had a gut feel that the so-called secret place for seeking innate opportunity was not that simple to understand.

"Ricky, can you feel it? I feel that some evil spirits in this zone had been constantly deteriorating our bodies since we got here," Soar suddenly asked Ricky seriously.

Soar then stretched up and fired the Heaven Melting Fire to banish the evil spirit that had been lurking inside his body.

This intrigued Ricky for he had not really seen the evil spirit that Soar had been mentioning. But as Soar executed his Heaven Melting Fire to drive out the evil spirit, Ricky also tried to observe if anything happened to his body, too. Sure enough, he also found some pesky invisible evil spirit that was in his skin, constantly gnawing his body.

Ricky also launched fire to eliminate the evil spirits that surrounded his skin.

"This is bad, Soar. But thank you so much for staying on top of your game. If it hadn't been for your warning, I bet that the evil spirit would have already devoured our bodies," Ricky said seriously. "Then that means that Tyson, Kristen and the others..."

Worry had encapsulated Ricky's mind when he thought about his other friends.

"Ricky, try to ease up a bit. As soon as they a

it sent both Ricky and the Devil Leopard a few steps back, leaving traces of burnt soil on the ground.

"Tick!" There was silence, and then suddenly, all they heard was the sound of blood trickling down on the ground. Ricky held his fist close to his face and saw bloodstains. He never expected to be injured by the Devil Leopard.

In shock, Ricky again looked at the blood stain on his hand. In his mind, it should have never happened.

He could hardly believe what he saw, because from what he understood, the power of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement shouldn't be able to break the defense of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

However, this Devil Leopard, with merely the power at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement, broke his defense of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula with such a random attack. How was this even possible?

The Devil Leopard held its head high in pride for it didn't actually know that it could do that damage to Ricky. The leopard already possessed psychic intelligence which gave it a sense of disbelief as to how it did not see this coming. It did not understand how a warrior at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement was able to surpass the power at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement.

And in an instant, the Devil Leopard came to a realization that the fighting power of the warrior right in front of it couldn't be judged simply through his realm and his theoretical ability.

This made the Devil Leopard even more furious and even more barbaric. It charged up so much and seemed like it was using all of its strength.

"Oh, Ricky, there's one thing I forgot to tell you. The body of devil beast is much stronger than that of a regular beast of the same realm. Mainly because its body had virtually become the devil's body after so many years in such a place full of evil spirit," Soar said to Ricky in point of fact.

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