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   Chapter 299 Ancient Battlefield

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The Chaotic Mountains had been desolate since the last surge of beasts, which seemed a very, very long time ago. But this time, the rare opportunity of becoming an innate spiritual king could be found in the Chaotic Mountains. So naturally, many warriors were drawn and attracted to it.

These days, warriors and forces from all over the Chaotic Region entered the Chaotic Mountains non-stop day in and day out. They all went there for one thing: to find the legendary opportunity of becoming an innate spiritual king.

Ricky and the warriors of the Manor Palace also turned up around the valley.

Ricky was quite familiar with the valley because the last time he was there, he gained a drop of blood essence right over this valley.

'I did not expect it to be this valley after all, ' Ricky sighed.

Due to the strong spiritual energy in the area, mist and fog shrouded the whole place. Even if the warriors of Bone Reinforcement stayed there, they still would not be able to see anything beyond a hundred meters away, just like everyone else.

So it was a good choice for every force to take up an area while waiting for the opportunity to become an innate spiritual king.

What's more, the valley had six times more spiritual energy than anywhere else. The warriors did not want to waste the spiritual energy, so as they waited, they practiced their cultivation methods as much as they could.

All of the warriors of Manor Place, including Tyson and Kristen, all did so as well.

But Ricky was not like the others. During his time there, he had to try to limit his power. If he absorbed the spiritual energy, he was sure to make a breakthrough.

But he did not want to do it because he wanted his combat power to reach the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement after making a breakthrough, and he wasn't confident enough to do it yet.


While the warriors and beasts waited, something started changing gradually. The spiritual energy of the valley

it. We must be careful," Ricky added.

"Don't worry, Russell. Though I am greedy for the opportunity, I know it is far beyond my abilities. I won't compete for it. I just want to find something useful there," Bastian said.

"I'll leave first."

Bastian jumped in immediately.

Trent, Tyson, and Kristen jumped in one by one. Ricky let Soar go into the Chaotic Fire Zone and then jumped, too.

As Ricky entered the white swirl, he felt the movement of the space forces. Suddenly, his body started to vibrate. After a few moments, he appeared in a dark forest full of dark spiritual energy.

As he looked around, Ricky found that the ground, trees, grass, and flowers were all dark. He could even feel the evil spirit right then and there.

Ricky was sensitive to the evil spirit because he had helped Tina dispel the evil spirit sealed inside her body for quite a while. He was pretty confident in it.

"How... how could it be? It is different from what we saw in the white swirl from outside. There is so much evil spirit here, albeit less than that of Tina," Ricky said seriously.

At the same time, Soar came out of the Chaotic Fire Zone. He was immensely surprised at what he saw.

"Ricky, my memory did not lie to me. This is an ancient battlefield indeed," Soar said with certainty.

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