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   Chapter 298 A Once-in-a-million Opportunity Showed Up

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It was safe to make the conclusion that, after three months' cultivation, Ricky had made great progress in his martial arts skills.

He was no longer simply at the peak of the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement. By that point, Ricky's combat power had reached the peak of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement. Also, he was able to make a breakthrough at some point very soon and become a strong warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Meanwhile, he also had refined his body to the peak of the Seventh Degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Relying on the skill at such a level, he was confident that he could escape unscathed in battles with most ordinary warriors at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

As for weapon casting, Ricky's casting skills could be compared to those of a casting master at the Demi-spirit Level. Since he was not a demi-immortal yet, he could not launch any innate power or cast weapons at the Demi-spirit Level.

Weapons could only be called weapons at the Demi-spirit Level when they contained more than ten innate powers launched by a demi-immortal. Without that, they could only be called weapons at the advanced Mortal Level.

In order to allow the innate powers to be immersed into a weapon completely, a casting master at the Demi-spirit Level had to make use of their innate power and their own Pounding Skill during the casting process.

Ricky's Iron Destroyer was a good example because it was a strong weapon cast by a casting master at the Spirit Level. The innate powers it contained were real innate powers; they were much stronger than the powers contained in other weapons at the Demi-spirit Level.

Ricky had used up all the innate powers hidden in his Iron Destroyer, so it had been reduced to a much less powerful weapon. It was only a little sharper than a weapon at the advanced Mortal Level.

Of course, it would be very simple to eventually recover its full power. His Iron Destroyer had to be nourished by innate powers. Nevertheless, Ricky couldn't do that until he made a breakthrough and become a demi-immortal.

Fortunately, he met Doris--a super-strong warrior. Ricky naturally took out his Iron Destroyer, and asked her to help nourish it back to its former power by using her innate powers.

Doris helped him without any hesitation. She told Ricky, that after a day of nourishing his weapon through her innate power, the powers hidden in his Iron Destroyer would be enough to help him become an innate spirit warrior.

Therefore, it was reasonable to believe that Ricky had a rich harvest during his three months' cultivation in the small bamboo forest.

At the same time, a sort of change began to take place in the spiritual energy of the Chaotic Region. All the warriors of the Chaotic Region could obviously detect that such spiritual energy was b

. If it showed up after I made some more breakthroughs, this opportunity would be really easy for me to seize. It would be as easy as winking," Tyson replied.

Then, Ricky detected that Tyson and the other members had also made significant progress in their martial arts skills during the last three months.

Kristen's realm had already reached the intermediate stage of the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement; Tyson's realm was at the peak of at the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement; Trent had put his full concentration on weapon casting and was only at the peak of the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement, and Bastian's realm now reached the peak of the seventh grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Of course, one of the reasons for the members of the Manor Palace's huge progress was that they had recently gotten a large number of training resources.

"Bastian, have you found out which place the opportunity is going to show up at?" Ricky asked doubtfully.

"According to the scouts from a lot of forces, it should appear in a grand canyon in the Chaotic Mountains. There is the thickest amount of spiritual energy down there; six times the usual amount of energy," Bastian replied shortly.

After a pause, he added, "I estimate that, in another three or four days, the secret area that has the opportunity of becoming an innate spiritual king will reveal itself."

"Three or four days?! Then we should set off tomorrow," Ricky said at once. "Please tell our other members that they should be well-prepared for this event. They should not have to risk their lives though."

"Leader Russell, I've already told them about it, but in the face of this rare opportunity, no any warrior in the Chaotic Region is willing to let it go easily," Bastian said honestly.

"Yes, you are right. Give them all some life-saving pills just in case. This is the best we can do for them," Ricky said.

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