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   Chapter 297 Entering A Three-Month-Long Cultivation

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Ricky's eyes were full of expectations. Instantly, Doris knew what he wanted from her.

"Yes. You have seen through me, Doris. If you don't mind, I'd like to learn from your amazing casting skills. Please teach me," Ricky replied with a smile, admitting his purpose quite readily like there was nothing embarrassing about it.

"No problem, no problem at all... It would be my pleasure if you're eager to learn more about it," Doris chuckled. Her words were not just polite formalities, but came sincerely from the bottom of her heart. The more passionate Ricky was about casting and the more he asked questions, the more he would learn and the faster he would improve.

"But there is a problem," she suddenly said. "Several parts of the manual you've been studying are very profound and obtuse. Even I myself can't comprehend them all, at least not with my limited knowledge. This manual is quite extraordinary. I'm afraid that I won't be able to help you much with it. All that I can pass on to you is what I already know about casting from my experience."

She smiled kindly and continued, "Of course, I'd be glad to do my best if you still want to pursue the manual."

"Thank you so much, Doris! I won't trouble you with that any longer. If you could just teach me the casting skills, I'd be delighted," Ricky answered with a big smile.

"It seems that you have the confidence to learn the manual by yourself! Good, let's focus on your casting skills then," Doris said, nodding appreciatively. "Well then, you can stay here before you find the chance to transit into an innate spiritual king. Just keep your mind on learning the skills," she reminded him.

"That's very kind of you, Doris," Ricky said, his eyes lighting up with excitement. He couldn't wait to start his cultivation immediately!

From what Ricky could tell, Doris was likely a strong warrior whose cultivation level was now beyond that of an innate spiritual emperor. It was definitely a blessing that he had the opportunity to learn from such a master! He believed she would give him unimaginable and priceless knowledge.

After a few minutes of conversation, Ricky thanked Doris again and returned to the Manor Palace.

"Could you detect how high Doris' level is, Soar?" Ricky whispered to his demi-immortal friend as he walked back.

"Not at all, brother." Soar shook his head. "But since I'm a Great Dragon, I can vaguely detect a certain suppression from her in my blood power just now. So I'm guessing that she's surely beyond an innate spiritual emperor," Soar replied. He grew silent, lost in thought.

"Ah, great minds think alike." Ricky nodded satisfactorily. He was ecstatic. It looked like that he had just found himself a great teacher! "Do you think she has discovered that you are a Great Dragon then?" Ricky asked after a while.

"Well...she might have perceived that my blood power of innate spirit wasn't run of the mill. But since I didn't activate it, she might not have seen that it's the Great Dragon kind," Soar said with a frown. "But I'm just speculating, of course. It was really hard to read the mind of someone so powerful," he then added.

"Well, we can only hope that she is still unaware of your identity," Ricky sighed thoughtfully. .

"Do we really have to do this to Ricky and make him stay here with us?" Tina asked as soon as Ricky had left, sounding a tad guilty. She clearly didn't have the heart to treat the young man like this.

"To tell you the truth, forcing him like this is the last thi

r pay him back.

'I have no choice now. I know that I must give my best efforts to help Tina refine and dispel the evil spirit in her body, ' Ricky decided determinedly, furrowing his brow. 'Otherwise, I won't be able to repay Doris' kindness of teaching.'

Several days into their teaching and practicing, Ricky found that Doris really lived up to her reputation as a great master. She was rich in experience, and had quite an insightful and profound view of all aspects concerning casting and martial arts. Every time Ricky listened to her teaching, he felt extremely enlightened. He experienced multiple epiphanic moments when it was like he had a sudden burst of clarity.

Of all the knowledge Doris had passed on to him, the information about casting skills was a priceless thing for Ricky that would help him throughout his life. Some of them were Doris' unique skills and secret weapons that she had planned to bring to the grave. But now, she did not hold back in telling Ricky about them.

In terms of martial arts, she too had given all she had to the young man, including fighting skills and tips about how to make big breakthroughs. She had literally shown all of her accomplishments to him.

On top of it all, she had even spent a great amount of her spiritual energy most of the time to help boost Ricky's refinement process. By intensifying his refining, Ricky had made big progress in cultivating the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

Because of Doris' teaching, Ricky's progress increased rapidly. It was as though he kept improving almost every second! Importantly, Doris had offered to give Ricky many Treasures from Heaven and Earth of King Level several times, but he had refused to use them.

Who knew how much Ricky could have progressed had he accepted those gifts!

He declined them not because he was bashful, but because he had the wisdom to discern that he didn't want to boost his cultivation speed by sacrificing the solid foundation of his cultivation.

Three months flew by, and with the help of Doris' spectacular teaching, Ricky had leveled up from the third grade of Bone Reinforcement to the peak of the fourth grade. As for his casting skills, he had become a casting master of Demi-spirit Level! For the amount of time he'd spent with her, it was truly amazing and fruitful progress!

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