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   Chapter 296 A Ten-year Promise

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Doris was firm with what she said. It seemed like that as long as Ricky agreed, she would provide him with all the resources he needed in spite of the objections from her clan.

Meanwhile, Tina also looked at Ricky expectantly and hoped that he would said yes.

"Uh...." Ricky was suddenly lost for words. He felt utterly confused.

Those conditions that Doris was offering were alluring. More than that, Ricky trusted Doris and he knew that she would surely fulfill her promises.

However, he knew it was not the way he should practice his martial arts. He despised practicing in a safe and comfortable environment with access to a sea of available resources. If he practiced that way, he would not be able to make great accomplishments in martial arts.

The road he was trudging was sure to be full of difficulties, threats, challenges, and above all, hopes.

To him, it didn't matter that he might die in the end. It was his choice, and he knew in his heart that he would never regret choosing the more difficult but promising road to practice his martial arts.

Besides, he didn't want to give all of this up in the Realm of Wildness. There was no way he was going to leave before all matters had been properly settled.

Unlike other warriors, he did not believe that warriors like himself had to face everything all alone and give up everything they had. In all his years practicing martial arts, he had learned the hard way that warriors also needed friends and family. Otherwise, why would the legendary gods even fight against all of those evil monsters for justice?

He thought about it well. Then he turned to Doris and said to her seriously, "Doris, I am sincerely thankful for your kindness, but every warrior has his own way of practicing martial arts, and for me, I have to face every obstacle that comes my way either by myself or with my friends. So..."

He trailed off. He knew that he did not have to finish his sentence for Doris to understand what he was trying to say.

After hearing Ricky's words, both Doris and Tina fell silent.

"Ricky, I think you misunderstood me. You will never be able to surpass a spiritual emperor by yourself in only forty years. Besides, I take the safety of my family very seriously. I could never risk Tina's life." Doris let her words settle in before she continued emotionally, "

ot involved, and he was even forced to make a promise that he would not be able to fulfill.

"I know what I'm doing and saying. Just trust me," Ricky reassured her.

Ricky's words made Tina admire him even more.

She knew that her gratitude to Ricky would not weaken a bit even ten years later when he had already become a spiritual emperor. Perhaps there would be something beyond sheer gratitude. Who knew?

"Ten years is too short a time. Even the most talented warriors do not dare to make such a promise. Go easy on yourself, Ricky. It does not matter how hard you try. You will still have to come with me in the end," Doris said, repeating her warning.

"Ha-ha. Doris, I will make it. Just wait and see," Ricky replied with a bright smile on his face.

"By the way, what do you plan on doing next?" Ricky asked.

"What's on your mind?" Doris said.

"If it's possible, I hope that you would stay here. As you saw a moment ago, I could successfully dispel some of the evil spirits," Ricky answered honestly.

"The process might be slow and painful, but I'm sure that I can do better with just a little bit more time," Ricky explained.

"But, you..." Doris's voice trailed off. After all, she had witnessed what happened to Ricky just a few moments ago.

"Please set your heart at rest. It will help me feel even more confident." Ricky contemplated for a moment and added, "Besides, if you stay here, I will be able to ask you something."

"I understand. You are asking me to teach you the methods of refining weapons," Doris replied.

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