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   Chapter 295 Drive Evil Spirit Out

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Feeling astonished, Ricky couldn't help but exclaim. Devils that Ricky had heard of were something in the legend that could destroy heaven and earth as well as all the creatures. Devils were as wicked as possible. When they came out, there was bound to be chaos on the whole continent, even the whole world. It was too terrifying to witness.

How could he not be surprised? Devils really existed.

"Look at your face, you scaredy-cat. Don't worry. Those powerful devils in the ancient time had already been sealed by legendary gods. They won't be let out to harm the world," Doris said and chuckled, seeing the fear on the face of Ricky.

"That's great! What good grief it is..." Ricky sighed as he calmed down.

"But if devils were sealed already, then where does the evil spirit inside Tina's body come from?" Ricky asked the next moment, full of doubts.

"It's because of her mother. Her mother went to a place of devils' dwelling to cultivate herself when pregnant. Unfortunately, a king of devils was sealed in that place. Worst of all, the king broke the seal and got out at that time. It was a terrible in-born fate," Doris answered, and glanced at Tina.

"Then, the endless evil spirit had already raged out and affected the fetus.

At first, although we knew Tina was infected with the evil spirit, we didn't take it seriously. But, as Tina grew up, we found the evil spirit inside Tina's body didn't disappear but increased. Even the grandmaster of the clan could do nothing about it. At last, we had to use the Sealing Array to seal the evil spirit in Tina's body in case it burst out.

But, it was just a temporary way. Sealing Array could only seal the evil spirit for no more than 50 years. After 50 years, Tina would be invaded by the evil spirit entirely and become the new king of devils. Of course, we can't let that happen, or else, the entire world would be in danger."

"That was... too scary. How terrible!" Ricky exclaimed and added heavily, "So may I ask how long has it been since then?"

"Ten years. That is to say, I will be the king of devils after 40 years unless we find the way of driving the evil spirit out in advance or you kill me," Tina said sadly. Even after knowing this for a while, Tina could not still suppress her sadness. If she was to choose, she would prefer to be killed earlier than become a monster.

"40 years. That's not too long to come. Is there no other way?" said Ricky as sadly as Tina. He was sympathetic as he could never imagine what Tina could have been through since she was born up until now.

"Luckily, there is still a way for her to be recovered. Our clan members looked through many ancient books, and finally found the perfect way, the only one way," Doris emphasized, making Ricky hopeful. Even if it was the only way, he would do what he could to help Tina.

"What is it? Tell me what I could do to help," Ricky asked. A stare of full aspiration could be seen in Doris' eyes, while Tina could only lower her head.

What a relief... that was too close!" Ease had come to Ricky, but there was still fear in his eyes. It was the first time he unleashed his devouring power to the fullest, so he couldn't help but get scared and tired. With panting breath, he said, "How terrible the evil spirit was! I was nearly submerged by it.

But I did it! Doris, Tina, it seems that my Body of Devouring Power can repel the evil spirit perfectly!" Ricky laughed and turned to Doris and Tina. "But now, it's a pity that I can't do any help. I think when I reach the innate realm, I could gradually help Tina drive the evil spirit out, and make Sealing Array keep longer in her body.

When I reach a higher realm, I will certainly drive all the evil spirit out of Tina's body so that she will not worry about it anymore," Ricky said with assurance, making the ladies smile in gratitude.

"Oh please, don't be like that, Ricky. You have done more than enough today. Thank you so much," Tina said softly. "Tina is right. Don't push yourself too much." Doris was also grateful after hearing the big promise given by Ricky.

"As devils are the enemies of all the creatures on this continent, driving the evil spirits out of Tina's body can be seen as the duty of mine. So you don't have to say that, Tina. In addition, Doris has said she will reward me. And I will always be careful because recklessness will only worsen things," Ricky said with a smile.

What happened today made Ricky very confident that he would surpass spiritual emperor within 40 years, because of his regained spiritual meridian. His eagerness to help Tina would drive him to success with only a meantime.

"Exactly. Our clan will reward you a lot, and I will take you back next. We will help you surpass the innate spiritual emperor in the shortest time by use of all the cultivation resources of our clan. Rest assured that you will not feel lacking," Doris couldn't help saying that as she couldn't make Ricky become the super powerful one fast enough.

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