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   Chapter 294 The Devil

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Feeling surprised, Ricky palpitated upon hearing what Doris said. The secret that he had been hiding all along was about to unveil. A lucky guess or an accurate presumption from Doris made it happen. Sure enough, his worst fears of getting busted came true.

However, things could not be reverted on how it used to be. Every secret was meant to be discovered in the long run, so Ricky tried his best to keep calm. After a moment of astonishment, he regained his composure. After all, Ricky himself had already expected this situation - to be recognized by someone powerful as Doris. It was inevitable for him to be revealed as he kept hiding in a facade. What he could only do was to reveal himself now.

"What are you saying? That's ridiculous, Doris. How come this is not the true face?" Tina asked and diverted her gaze at Ricky. Doris' wild statement set off a bomb on her mind, that was about to explode any moment now.

Slowly and reluctantly, Ricky took off the mask made of human skin on his face to reveal his true face. It was a handsome face that looked innocent and harmless to everyone. He smiled at the stunned, gorgeous face of Tina, showing his gentlemanly side. At the back of his mind, he wished that Tina would not loathe him for hiding his identity. A deep sigh of nervousness escaped from him as he prepared himself to explain.

"Yes Tina, this is my true face. As for my real name, it is Ricky. I apologize for lying to you up until now," Ricky said with a nervous yet charming smile. His heart was still palpitating hard as he waited for Tina's response.

"What a handsome face..." Tina said unconsciously as she was in a daze that made Ricky flustered. A few seconds later, Tina's eyes widened as she realized what she had said. She coughed a little and put a poker face look and said, "Your name was Ricky? What a familiar name!" It was true to Tina that she was familiar with Ricky's name. In an instant, she reacted with eyes wide open and her hands covering her wide-opened mouth.

"You... you are that Ricky with enemies everywhere!" Tina said, pointing at Ricky in disbelief that made her tremble a little.

"Yes, exactly! That's me. Ricky, everyone's enemy. Sounds rhythmic, right?" Ricky said and chuckled as Tina's reaction made him laugh.

Although Ricky didn't want to confess, there was no possibility for him to conceal again in front of Doris. It was quite a relief that the two ladies didn't think of him as an enemy at the moment.

Instead, they were surprised and amused upon recognizing him. Then, Tina said again, "What a surprise! You are that famous Ricky! I can't believe I am facing you right now. All the forces of the Realm of Wildness are looking for you. How could you come up with this? You are hiding in this Chaotic Region and you changed your face. That was unexpected," she said and calmed down a bit.

"Well, I have no choice. It happened too sudden. I'm forced to do so," Ricky said, reminiscing how he had to come up with a disguise. However, he had a more important thing to do right now, so he shrugged those thoughts away.

The next moment, Ricky became serious, and asked Tina, "Now that you have known my true identity, will you..."

Ricky could not continue further, but what he meant was quite clear to Tina. In a moment, Tina's face changed and glared at Ricky, with her arms crossed. However, she blew h

t a tough woman, ' Ricky thought again in admiration to Tina.

The next moment, Ricky' eyebrows twitched as he felt a strong vicious or evil spirit inside Tina's body. The evil spirit would seem to break out of Tina's body at any time. For just a moment, Ricky's heart palpitated out of fear.

For the first time, Ricky felt the real invisible and intangible fear. The evil spirit was definitely a great suffer for whoever having it inside the body. Tina must have been in a lot of pain.

After a few seconds, Ricky couldn't help but retreat with a faint groan. Fortunately, this terrible power seemed to be sealed by a certain powerful array. Thus, it couldn't break out. It was confusing whether it was good news or not.

"Are you alright? I have seen it. You certainly have the devouring power, because you can feel the evil spirit in Tina's body through the Sealing Array," Doris said while she was watching the changes in Ricky's expressions. She was hesitant at first, but she was now firm that Ricky really had devouring powers.

With anticipation, she looked at Ricky to hear what he had to say after observing Tina.

"Evil spirit? Really? That terrible evil power inside Tina's body is called the evil spirit?" Ricky asked in a low voice, still panting in his breath.

"Yes, it is exactly called the evil spirit. It may seem unbelievable, and we would never wish for it to be true, but it is true. Ricky, do you know what the devil is?" Doris asked, with a hint of fear in her voice.

"I have heard of the devil. It's said to be the mutual enemy of human beings, beasts, elves and all the other creatures in the continent. However, it was my first time seeing one," Ricky responded seriously. Then he asked in return, "Doris, does this so-called devil really exist? How?"

"Of course. As you just said, the devil is the mutual enemy of all the creatures in the continent. If the devil didn't exist, how could Tina have the evil spirit in her body? The devil is really terrible and frightening, having the ability to destroy all the other creatures," Doris said in a low tone, making the three of them became anxious secretly.

"Unbelievable. So that's how it is? Unexpectedly, the legendary devil actually exist!" Ricky exclaimed.

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