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   Chapter 293 Doris

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Tina Lian, the leader of the Dahlia Palace, was less than thirty years old. She was already a formidable demi-immortal warriors at such a young age. She was also considered the most talented warrior in the Chaotic Region. She managed the whole Dahlia Palace by herself and was in charge of all the people inside it; that meant she was a strong and capable woman.

It was said that there was an innate spirit warrior that supported Tina Lian.

Over the past few years, many sons of innate spiritual kings from other regions had fallen in love with her. They even begged their families to exert pressure on Tina Lian to marry them. Despite that, they were all refused by her.

Someone who exerted pressure on her was ultimately in a difficult position. Their families didn't dare to threaten her either because they knew how strong she was.

It wasn't a wise choice to offend Tina Lian.


Tina Lian was provocatively dressed when Ricky met her. Ricky teased her with a slightly wicked smile, "Madam, you have waited for me for a long time? You must be really interested in me then." It seemed that Ricky had decided to be a little cheeky and impolite.

After hearing what Ricky said, the woman who led Ricky in became very angry and wanted to attack Ricky. Tina Lian stopped her just by looking into her eyes, then told her to go.

At the same time, she showed her shock to Ricky with just a glance of her beautiful eyes. Although Tina Lian didn't practice her cultivation method to attract others, she was so beautiful that any warriors at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement would easily become obsessed with her.

Despite that, Ricky was acting very normal and talked to her as he'd talk to any other person.

'It is as Doris said; he is quite remarkable, ' Tina Lian thought to herself.

"Russell, I'm not interested in little boys," Tina Lian replied to Ricky in a casual voice. She didn't try and flirt with Ricky any more because she could see that he wasn't responding to it.

"Ha, I'm a little boy to you?" Ricky laughed out loud after hearing what Tina Lian said.

"Of course you are," Tina Lian said.

"I'm actually more


She was using her undisguised power to detect Soar's blood power.

Doubts arose from her eyes at that moment because she was unable to figure out his blood power. She still thought that the snake was somehow extraordinary.

'It makes sense. He is so remarkable that a spiritual beast is willing to follow him. Maybe he is the one who is destined for Tina, ' Doris thought to herself. 'I still have to learn more about him. It's better to make friends with him than to be enemies though. It's also helpful for Tina to be friendly with him.'

"Doris, I met Soar by chance in the mountains. We got on like a house on fire, then we became partners and stay by each other's side. As to his blood power, we don't know it, either," Ricky said.

"Well, since you don't know it, we don't have to talk about it any more. I expect you to let him grow stronger though. He will help you in the future," Doris suggested.

"Thanks for your advice; I think I understand." Ricky nodded heavily.

'Fortunately, she hasn't yet realized who Soar really is, ' Ricky thought as his chest pounded with a rapid and irregular heart beat.

"Fine, let's talk about something more important." Doris smiled in the next moment.

"Doris, I don't know what you want me to say... What do you mean? Why do you want to see me?" Ricky asked curiously.

"Before we get to the important things, can you show me your original face?" Doris smiled gently.

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