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   Chapter 291 Master Russell

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Afterwards, Ricky started to cast some weapons.

All the weapons that Ricky cast, in the first three days, were the highest grade of the intermediate Mortal Level. The first three days were a term of adjustment for him. He would adjust his casting conception to the highest state after those three days of casting.

Three days later, Ricky adjusted his casting conception completely and found a higher casting state. He began to cast weapons at the advanced Mortal Level.

The weapons at the advanced Mortal Level were tens of times stronger than the weapons of the intermediate Mortal Level, not only in their hardness, but also in their capacity to bear the user's power.

The enhancement on the weapons depended on the new level depends of the casting master who made it.

A great weapon depended on multiple things and those things were the materials, the casting master, and their casting skill.

Ricky had already learned everything about the level that all the casting masters of the advanced Mortal Level would eventually achieve through his understanding of the two Supreme Skills. What he had to do was to allow himself to reach that level in the future.

There was only one way to reach that level, and the way to do it was to practice your skills by yourself. Everything was vain if you did not practice, even if you were a genius and had powerful inherited skills.

Casting was a process that required much attention and consumed a lot of spiritual power because many details and many tiny distinctions were distinguished by spiritual power during the casting process.

The higher the level of the casting masters was, the more spiritual power they obviously consumed.

That was why the senior casting masters could not do more.

After all, the cost of the spiritual power they needed was detrimental to the lifetime of a warrior.

Ricky started casting after he adjusted his state. He would no longer cast weapons at the intermediate Mortal Level, and would instead cast them at the advanced Mortal Level.

He put his all into it, but he didn't succeeded in his efforts during his casting in those three days.

"Casting is casting, and it is much more difficult than raising your state." Ricky sighed to himself over the issue.

He still did not give up and continued to cast. On the fourth day, Ricky cast a saber which was between the highest grade of the intermediate Mortal Level and the advanced Mortal Level.

The saber could barely be called an incomplete w

he deeds Ricky had performed in the Chaotic Region.

Kristen was more certain about one thing because of it. She was sure that Russell and Ricky were the same person. Both of them had the mysterious Pounding Skill and an excellent casting skill. Besides, they were both geniuses. It seemed less likely to her that they could be two different people.

Of course, Tyson and his associates naturally wanted to ask Ricky and Trent to cast a handy weapon at the advanced Mortal Level for them as soon as they could.

With the existence of two casting masters at the advanced Mortal Level, Manor Palace monopolized the whole Upper Region quickly. They monopolized the whole Chaotic Region in no time for the same reason.

It wouldn't be long before the Manor Palace earned back the resources that it gave up to be divided by the other seven major forces.

In this situation, the force of seven major forces naturally could not stand it, which put casting as their key industry. They directly sent their own casting masters to trouble Ricky.

Ricky had nothing to say on the matter, so he accepted the challenge put forth by the three casting masters that were sent after him.

There were two casting masters at the advanced Mortal Level among those casting masters. It was just a pity that they all lost to Ricky almost as soon as they arrived.

At that point, the name Russell resounded through the whole Chaotic Region. Everyone knew and revered him.

He gained the title of 'Master Russell' for all his accomplishments.

Just as everything was looking up for the members of the Manor Palace, one thing happened that totally rained on their parade.

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