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   Chapter 290 Advanced Mortal Level Casting Master

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"Soar, it's time for us to leave. We'll close off the entire secret basement forever." Ricky's gaze was fixed into the two dead bodies on the ground.

After mentally saying his final goodbyes, Ricky and Soar escaped from the secret basement through the Chaotic Fire Zone. Before they left, they smashed the base of the rocky mountain to bury all the sorrow and pain underneath.


The sun was just about to bloom on the horizon, golden petals stretching ever outwards into the rich blue.

Returning in the Arhat Palace, Kristen had led the men from Manor Palace to clean the place.

"Is everything going well?" Bastian gently tapped Ricky's shoulder.

"We've got all the resources of the Arhat Palace." Ricky took out the silver storage ring.

"The storage ring. Only the innate spiritual king can own it. I can't believe I'm seeing it with my own eyes." Excitement filled Trent and Bastian when they saw the ring.

"Trent, Bastian, this storage ring belongs to you now. After that, it will be the Treasure Tower of our Manor Palace," Ricky declared.

Trent and Bastian were surprised. Their brains formulated no thoughts other than to register the shock of what they just heard.

What all this meant was that they would manage all resources and treasures of the Manor Palace! Ricky truly trusted them.

"R...Russell, it..." Trent was having a hard time forming words.

"You better not decline him, Trent. After all, you are the one responsible in the casting industry. It's going to be convenient for you to get materials." Tyson grinned.

Kristen who was standing beside Tyson nodded in agreement.

"Thank you for your trust," they answered firmly without objection. Grateful looks evidently seen in their faces.

"By the way, Russell, have you met Anne and Myron?" Tyson curiously quipped, changing the subject of the conversation.

"Yes, but the both of them died. I destroyed the secret basement before Soar and I left. The rubble would serve as their graves," Ricky sighed forlornly. He bowed his head solemnly as he relived the memories that happened in that place.

"What happened?" Kristen furrowed her brows. They got concerned and confused when they saw the pained expression etched on Ricky's face.

Ricky spared no detail and told them all things about Anne and Myron.

They all fell i

tayed in a remote and unnoticeable courtyard. They had prepared the casting materials in advance and began to improve their casting skills.

Ricky felt worried about the seven Forces, so he made Soar watch the seven demi-immortal leaders secretly.

"Russell, when you said that I can be the casting master of the advanced Mortal Level within two months, were you serious about that?" Trent asked. He still had doubts because the task seemed too daunting for him.

"Just wait and see what happens. During the first month, you have to watch my cast process," Ricky ordered. He wanted to reassure Trent as much as possible since he believes in his casting abilities.

"I will do as you wish. I trust you," Trent replied.

Although it seemed like an impossible task, to be the casting master of the advanced Mortal Level was Trent's dream. He couldn't wait to watch Ricky's casting process. He knew Ricky was a genius and he could progress even just by watching him.

Ricky began controlling his breath. He started casting a weapon.

Casting was not only done to cast a weapon but also to cultivate two Supreme Skills. During the casting, Ricky's level would improve greatly and quickly.

Ricky's objective in mind as he started casting was to become the master of the advanced Mortal Level.

For the longest time, he was called as a casting master of the intermediate Mortal Level. It was about time for him to make a breakthrough.

However, the others didn't think so. To reach the advanced mortal level seemed too intimidating for them.

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