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   Chapter 289 The Death Of The Siblings

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The Netherworld Deathly Claw was now what Ricky had to deal with next.

'It's time to test the power of the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, ' Ricky thought, his eyes gleaming with excitement. He began to summon the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, eyes closed in concentration.

Soon, the blue glow was replaced by a purple hue and the aura which surrounded Ricky grew even more intense.

Ricky waved his fist, and a beam of purple light shooting out of it as he stared at the Netherworld Deathly Claw rushing right at him.

Instead of using any cultivation method or skill derived from one, Ricky punched with his bare fist. He was wholly confident about both the Seventh Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and his strength.

"You're looking for death!" Myron growled ferociously as he watched Ricky fight off their most powerful attack with his body refining cultivation method. Just moments ago he had been confident that Ricky would be crushed to pieces by this attack!

But he failed to consider that his opponent wasn't any ordinary warrior. It was Ricky.

Ricky's fist collided with the Netherworld Deathly Claw. Several strands of intense deathly energy and brute aura rushed towards Ricky's strike from every direction like a raging tidal wave, but soon they had all been burnt out by the flames in Ricky's body.

The Deathly Enchanting Illusion of Anne didn't seem to work against him!

After a short while, a loud thud resounded. It was no longer a deadlock.

The Netherworld Deathly Claw had been completely obliterated by Ricky's purple light strike!

The moment the claw shattered, Myron spat out a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, the power and the shadow around him rapidly dissipated.

The attacking skill he had used was dark and evil, which was one of the moves of the Evil Dual Attack. He had mustered all his strength in this attack, and when Ricky broke it, his arteries and veins were badly injured.

"Well, you can take your sister away. Just leave the Chaotic Region. You can come back for me at any time in the future if you want to avenge her," Ricky continued.

Ricky himself was rather surprised to hear these words escape from his mouth. He didn't know why he would let go of Myron! Apparently, he had been moved more than he thought!

"You're going to let me go? Aren't you afraid that the story I just told is a lie?" Myron asked with surprise.

"Being cheated one more time will be nothing to me. I can live with the consequences. But if I find out that you were lying, I'll hunt you down, wherever you may be," Ricky answered.

"Ha-ha! You're really something else, aren't you? But you underestimate me. I love my sister with all my heart. She was my only happiness," Myron said with a bitter laugh.

He suddenly struck himself forcefully on the head with his right palm.

He fell onto his sister, the two siblings together in death.

"Why are you so stubborn?" Ricky sighed. He was not surprised. The siblings had gone through terrible things together. For years they had nothing but each other in this hell. Their bond must have been extraordinary.

But Ricky had been sincere in being willing to let Myron go.

"Ricky, those siblings were really pitiful," Soar said with a sigh.

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