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   Chapter 288 Deathly Enchanting Illusion And Netherworld Deathly Claw

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Ricky was running out of luck for his two opponents were siblings and were both close to the intermediate stage of the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement, just like him. In the battle of two versus one, Ricky was doomed to lose the fight.

Though he was clad with the protection of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and the accurate perception through observation, he still suffered one hell of a beating. He was battered and bruised from the fight. His clothes were torn; his body and arms had deep cuts where blood oozed out from.

Ricky taking a beating was a very rare occasion since he dominated most fights. And then there came the problem that Soar had mentioned to him before. This was the problem that Ricky must be careful about in his succeeding battles.

His two opponents possessed different toxic deathly energy. Anne had the charm toxin which during the fight, penetrated deep into Ricky's skin and into his body. This made him paralyzed and unable to move. But there was more to the sting that caught Ricky's paralysis—it was also an aphrodisiac and made him very horny.

On the other hand, Myron released a death toxin, which constantly destroyed Ricky's vitality upon reacting with his body. Upon entering his system, the death toxic savagely ruined his blood vitality and turned it into deathly energy.

'Ugh. These two toxins, though chronic, are more deadly than the ones that show instant effect. They destroy a warrior from the inside, damaging the heart, blood vitality and flesh, ' Ricky murmured in pain while he felt the toxins seep deep in his body.

But to everyone's dismay, Ricky was a legend, a true warrior who had the odds in his favor. He had the Devourer Zone and the Body of Devouring Power which he used to turn his hellish situation into a good one.

Generally, the chronic toxins that engulfed Ricky's system were lethal to other warriors, but were useless to Ricky. Anne and Myron's fate was to be reversed for Ricky unknowingly had another trick up his sleeve.

After these two toxins entered his body, Ricky directly activated the Devouring Skill, devouring all the toxins into the Devourer Zone. And then he used devouring runes and Devouring Fire to decompose them thoroughly.

Ricky was left with no choice but to activate the Fire Cloud Fist. He was wise enough to use up the energy that he had left in him to active his second move which doubled his strength and momentum.

Fire! Flames started to spread over both of his arms. He stood up, and gained his momentum at an incredible speed. He was up and ready to fight back. The fires in his arms could naturally suppress the deathly energy that his opponents had. Unfortunately for his opponents, he was the top dog this time around.


om the Netherworld.

"Go to hell! Netherworld Deathly Claw!"

Myron cried loudly. Then, the deathly energy released condensed into a black claw and projected a ghost face. Suddenly a stream of deathly energy swept directly toward Ricky as if he had fallen into the real ghastly Netherworld.

"Deathly Enchanting Illusion!"

The ghost face suddenly opened its mouth with the essence of Anne's voice.

Nobody noticed her body leap onto Myron's back. As she stood on high on his brother's back, an evil shadow of a gorgeous naked female devil with oozing sexual appeal appeared behind her.

Ricky's attention was plastered onto the eyes of the female devil as if she was the only person in the room.

In a snap, the devil's eyes changed its colors to bloody red and stared at Ricky.

With the devil's stare, Ricky seemed to be sucked into a portal where he saw countless naked women who were waving at him.

This was how the siblings cooperated on the Netherworld Deathly Claw and send Ricky to his doom. The Deathly Enchanting Illusion only buffed up the previous skill and it only took a brief moment before Ricky was torn into pieces.

'Such horrible motion! Even the strongest warrior at the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement could easily be killed after they combined the two skills!' Ricky murmured to himself and could not help but sigh in disbelief. The strong momentum made by the siblings even made him feel fortunate that he was still alive and breathing.

However, this was only seen on the outside and did not do any real damage to Ricky. He had filled his whole body, including his eyes, with three infernal powers and with two Supreme Skills as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately for the siblings, casting the Deathly Enchanting Illusion at such a level was not a very effective cultivation method against Ricky.

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