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   Chapter 287 Evil Dual Attack

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"Ricky, it looks like they realized that it was you," Soar said after hearing what they said.

"Well, it's so amazing. Seems like it does not even matter what happened. They just all think I should take responsibility for it." Ricky felt a little speechless.

Ricky and Soar kept listening to what they were saying.

"Anne, Ricky has got a mysterious tower that seems to be a spiritual weapon in the Earth Fire Place of the Earth Fire Land. It is a spiritual space tool. If there is one person who can get into our secret basement without being detected, it would be Ricky." After contemplating for a long time, the young master finally came to a conclusion.

"The spiritual space

ouch them directly to avoid getting poisoned, ' Soar warned again.

"Venom? I'm very good at defeating warriors who use venom," Ricky said softly.

'Ricky, you have so many specialties!' Soar continued to say using his internal power. 'I will wait for your good news.'

"The Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula!"

Then, Ricky used the body refining and attacked them with the Flame Fist.


All of a sudden, the whole secret basement filled up with flames due to their battle. Ricky seemed to be the inferior one in the presence of the two warriors in the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement. More than that, they even cultivated the same method together.

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