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   Chapter 286 Anne And Myron

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Anyone who was a warrior would know what the corpses had been through. What these corpses had in common was their blood essence and energy were drained from their bodies; they would die with only skin and bones left. With only looking at the corpses, Ricky and Soar felt pity and sorrow as to how these people died. However, they were suspicious as the secret room was actually a mass grave, unlike what Nathan said to them.

"Did Nathan lie to us? How come this is a secret room? It doesn't look like a secret room at all but like a mass grave! Could Nathan had already known about this? Why did he lie then?" Ricky said in confusion. Soar couldn't answer his questions as he was as confused as Ricky too. What he could only think was one thing.

"I am not sure if Nathan intentionally lied to us. But I would take this as a mystery to discover. This is an adventure, brother. Since we are already here, we can try to figure this out. Besides, we are safe with the Chaotic Fire Zone covering us," Soar replied as he flashed a smile to give comfort to Ricky. As Ricky was still in the space of confusion, Soar felt something strange.

"Hold on, brother. I sensed something. I know I'm not mistaken. It seems like the breath of a living warrior!" Soar's tone became serious right away. What he said caused Ricky to feel awed and shocked.

"What? Did you say there's a living warrior other than us?" Ricky asked to confirm, while Soar replied with a nod. "Where is it? Let's go there!" Immediately, Ricky was getting a little excited when heard him. Who wouldn't be? It was a blessing in disguise for them to find a living person in the mass of grave aside from the two of them.

"I know where it is. It's from the east of this wide land! We should hurry now," Soar answered in agitation. They felt as if they had found a new companion in a hellish world.

Without hesitance, Ricky moved the Chaotic Fire Zone to the east of the land. It was not a difficult skill for him to do because although it was pretty dark here, as a warrior who had already achieved Bone Reinforcement, Ricky could make them feel like walking in daylight.

Panting in nervousness and excitement, the two quickly went to the east of the land. As they were close to the wall of the east, Ricky immediately found that there was a small vertical crack in the wall. Through the power of his two special zones, Ricky indeed sensed the breath of the other warriors. It was a relief that what Soar had sensed earlier was correct.

Vaguely, Ricky heard the collision of forces and energies. It was clear that there were people who were fighting inside. It was dangerous for them to impulsively barge their way inside.

This is quite nerving. I thought we could have seen a group of people trapped together, waiting to be saved. But it seems that the sister and brother of the Arhat Palace are indeed here, ' Ricky thought to himself. 'Were they fighting or training? They might be practicing their so-called mysterious cultivation method!'

"Ricky, I'm afraid this tiny crack will be the only way that we can get in. This was quite a sturdy wall. Do you want me to smash it directly? Even though my power is not the real innate spiritual



"Ricky, we are right. These two are using these dead bodies to practice their method. Otherwise, they won't look like ghosts. How evil," Soar said coldly, surging his murderous intent to them. The way the siblings cultivate their skills was too inhuman!

With that kind of cultivation, they might have reached the evil phase of cultivation. No one would wish to enter that phase.

Anyone who entered the evil phase of cultivation would be despised and hunted by all the warriors. It would be in no time before the other warriors find these siblings.

At this point, Ricky and Soar also realized why they didn't dare to go out and meet others before they finished cultivation. It was a fruitful adventure to them.


"Anne, it can't be him because he doesn't have to sneak the storage ring away. Stan is too weak and careless to steal the storage ring like this," Myron said in a low voice.

"But how did this... how did this ring disappear? What? The ring walked by itself?" Anne asked, starting to get a little flustered. She couldn't figure out who could have stolen the ring.

The one who could slip into this secret room and take away the ring must be so powerful. And he would be so powerful that neither of them noticed him come. Those were the things they know for sure.

"Anne, do you remember two months ago when the old man came in and gave us an order?" Myron asked. He already had a slight idea about the thief of the ring.

"Order? Old man? What order from two months ago?" Anne was confused. Apparently, she forgot about it. She couldn't be blamed as the incident happened quite a long time ago.

"You really don't remember anything? The old man told us to finish our cultivation as soon as possible and then go to find a warrior named Ricky," Myron said with a slight irritation.

"Oh, it seems to ring a bell. Right. I remember that old hag. But what does it have to do with the storage ring?"

"Anne, when our little brother came here half a month ago, I asked him something about Ricky. Of course, I had to know who he is before going to him," Myron continued.

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