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   Chapter 285 Sneaking Into The Secret Chamber

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"Why?" Ricky could not help but ask with a pensive face. He had rarely engaged in discussions about the whereabouts of the Arhat Palace's resources. Bastian's mysterious statement concerning the sister and brother, as well as the secret chamber of the Arhat's Palace, aroused his curiosity. 'Why would the sister and brother stay in an unearthly chamber for months on end?' Ricky thought to himself. The question was strange enough to pique everyone's interest.

"I'm one hundred percent sure that the sister and brother are practicing some kind of cultivation method that requires them to stay in the darkness. It must be that they are not allowed to be exposed to light before they are able to complete the method! So, my opinion is that they are still inside the secret chamber now. There's no way what happened outside the chamber could have reached them yet. Everybody from the Arhat Palace is dead, after all. I don't think the other forces would be so kind-hearted as to inform them of the unfortunate news about their palace." Bastian went on and on with an excited smile on his face the whole time.

"I was able to recover the detailed location of the secret chamber from Nathan. It is the same as the secret room where the storage ring is placed. Nathan also told me that for the past several years, people rarely saw them. Only Nathan and Stan had seen them a few times in years."

"What on earth are they doing? It's just so mysterious! I'm starting to grow interested in their cultivation method! Do you have more information about the method they use?" Tyson asked, eyes opening wide out of curiosity.

"Unfortunately, I don't know anything else. Nathan said that he had no idea what kind of method they were using either. According to him, Stan probably knew it. He's dead, so the sister and brother themselves are the only ones left that are sure to know it. They are the practitioners, after all," Bastian replied in a frustrated tone before he shrugged his shoulders. He regretted not being able to provide the critical missing information.

"So, do you have any idea how strong the sister and brother are?" Ricky asked again, intending to get as much as information about the sister and brother as he could. Ricky and his men destroyed the sister and brother's family, so they would definitely take revenge on Ricky and his organization once they learned the tragic story of what happened to the Arhat Palace. Ricky was well aware of that; that was why he wanted to hear more about them.

"They should be at about the sixth grade of Bone Reinforcement by now. They won't make great progress unless they succeed in their mysterious cultivation method. From what I know, they are still in progress with their cultivation," Bastian explained.

"I think I know what you are thinking! You all want to sneak into that secret chamber, am I right? What's so troublesome about doing it that way is that we can't enter that room!" Bastian continued and shook his head. His eyes were full of despair at the roadblock that was before them.

"Why can't we get into the room?" Ricky asked.

"According to Nathan, there are only two ways to open the chamber's door. One is for the sister and brother to trigger the switch from inside the room to open the door. Another is to use the power belonging to an innate spirit to smash apart and shatter the door from the outside!

Think about it! We can't do that! We can't make the sister and brother open the door. We are their enemies and they would never listen to us if we asked! None of us is an innate spirit! We do have the power of the so-called innate spiritual ball, but we all know that innate power condensed in the ball is nothing compared to that of a real innate spirit standing in front of us. We can't use that either," Bastian said as his face grew more frustrated thanks to the depressing fact that neither way would work.

"Yeah! You're right! This is indeed a difficult problem! I'm afraid the

saw a looming palm print in one of the passages.

"So, this is the place that I've been searching for," Ricky muttered calmly in a low voice. He walked closer to the palm symbol and observed it carefully for a few moments.

Then, he put his palm against it and exerted his internal strength. Consequently, a bang sounded and then two stones in front of his feet began to move apart. In a few seconds, an entrance appeared.

Ricky took a look inside. It was completely dark without any sound or light. It seemed to be a dangerous place which could drain away any life in it.

At the same time there was a dank and rotten smell coming from inside the opening. It made Ricky feel like vomiting when he smelled it.

He could not help but fan the air with his hand to try and disperse the awful smell. "Seriously? You must be kidding me, Bastian! How can this be the secret chamber where the storage ring of the Arhat Palace is placed? There's no way! This is so disgusting!" Ricky blurted out to himself. This smell was too much for a normal human being to stand. How could the Arhat Palace store their precious storage ring in such a sickening hole?

Now that he had already gone that far, there was no turning back. It would be a waste of time and energy if he gave up just because of a terrible smell and disturbing aura.

Taking a deep breath outside the entrance, Ricky hurried into the Chaotic Fire Zone and walked into the room. The adventure was getting interesting!

Fifteen minutes after Ricky had walked inside, the black entrance closed behind him automatically.

Staying inside the Chaotic Fire Zone, he was unable to see anything at all. All the lights were isolated outside the entrance that had closed on its own.

"Jesus Christ! This is really unbearable! There's no fresh air and no lights! There's nothing here but darkness!" Ricky sighed as he continued to walk inside. About one hour later, he had advanced about five hundred yards and had reached the deepest part of the passage.

At the end of the passage, Ricky came upon a relatively vast area about the size of a courtyard.

The moment they reached it, both Ricky and Soar smelled stronger foul odor. It was much worse than what they had smelled at the entrance.

Taking a glance around the vast chamber, Ricky saw rotten bodies and dried bones covering the ground. It was not difficult to recognize that they were the bodies of human beings. That explained why the air was so disgusting and stifling inside the passage.

Ricky and Soar exchanged a look with each other and nodded. Both of them saw that there was one thing in common among the corpses.

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