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   Chapter 284 The Location Of The Resources

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The effect of that matter was incredible. It was like a storm sweeping over the whole Chaotic Region.

The name "Russell" resounded throughout the area.

Ricky did not have the lead role in the battle, but the warriors knew that he was the one who provoked the battle in the first place and the one who won it in the end.

Faced with the seven demi-immortals, he was not in the least bit afraid. Rather than become frightened, he defeated them with his words. He had a certain type of courage that others didn't possess.

"From now on, the Arhat Palace is a thing of the past. The Manor Gang will be the one to replace it." When they talked about Ricky and his gang, the warriors in the Chaotic Region were all full of praise and respect.

"Do you know that man named Russell? He is the most courageous and persevering man I've ever seen. I believe that sooner or later he will become the real master of the Chaotic Region."

"Maybe he will become the strongest warrior in the Chaotic Region, but as to whether he can dominate the region... that's harder to say. After all, more than half of the seven Forces have innate spirits to support them. Not just the demi-immortals; I'm talking about the real deal!"

"Yes, I agree. That is why there haven't been any warriors that could dominate the Chaotic Region completely for hundreds of years. Not even a demi-immortal or a lower spiritual king has been able to dominate everything."

"Well... There could be someone who can break that record someday. Who knows what will happen in the future, after all?".

The huge crowd of the Manor Gang members cheered as the bands played joyful music. It was because the Manor Gang would become one of the major eight Forces the next day. The Manor Gang would also have a new name. It would no longer be called a gang; it would be called a palace instead.

In one of the halls of the castle, Ricky, Tyson, Kristen, along with Trent and Bastian, gathered together again for a meeting.

Soar, as usual, was coiled around Ricky's arm and shoulder.

Nobody except Ricky could tell that Soar was actually cultivating. He was using the Chaotic Fire Zone in his body. .

"Hah-hah! Russell, how wonderful! You really impressed me!" Tyson laughed and patted Ricky on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Tyson, but can't you see? We made a narrow escape today. We are safe now because the seven Forces didn't truly trust each other. They all wanted to begin their cultivation in seclusion and prepare for the opportunity of becoming

Palace. He also told me the location of the resources," Bastian explained in a brisk voice.

"What? You really did think about it! Hah-hah! I'm so lucky that I have you as my friend rather than foe!" Tyson patted Ricky on the shoulder and laughed out loud. He admired his friend even more.

"Oh stop that, Tyson. I hope you aren't just mocking me!" Ricky joked, glancing back at Tyson with a smile.

"I swear that I mean what I say! Russell, I really do admire your courage and wisdom. If I were to mock you, may I be taken by Satan!" Tyson retorted, his face reddened.

"All right, all right! I believe you, dude. I was just joking." Ricky patted Tyson on the shoulder and spoke with a laugh.

The others all laughed in joy for a while.

"Then, where are the resources? Tell us, Bastian!" Kristen asked curiously.

"Nathan said that the resources are hidden in a storage ring in an underground chamber at the Arhat Palace. Only his father, eldest sister, second elder brother, and himself know about that place," Bastian said.

"Stan and Nathan are dead, but we didn't see his sister or brother. What if they took the storage ring and ran away?" Kristen's face went gloomy at the idea.

"No, that's not possible. I'm guessing that they are still unaware of the fact that the Arhat Palace has been destroyed." Bastian shook his head with certainty.

"Why?" Tyson asked.

"The lady and the young master of the Arhat Palace live in the secret chamber. They stay there for months, and even for years without leaving the chamber. Every senior warrior in the Chaotic Region knows that," Bastian explained.

"Nathan also confirmed that before he was killed."

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