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   Chapter 283 Retreat Due To Power and Profit

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7952

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Swish, swish!

With the spiritual energy surging out, seven demi-immortal warriors quickly surrounded Ricky and Soar.

"Brother, it seems that we have to do something now. If we don't, they will probably continue to bully us," Soar said using his internal power at the sight of their enemies surrounding them.

Meanwhile, the force of roaring flame that had just faded from him surged up yet again. The seven demi-immortal warriors were nothing in his eyes.

Ricky stopped him with a quick glance.

"Seven honorable chiefs, could you please just listen to me before we start fighting?" Ricky asked in a cold voice as he looked at the seven demi-immortals who were preparing to attack him from up in the sky.

"Under the circumstances we will listen, so what else do you still have to say?" a beautiful woman in full palace gown asked Ricky with false geniality.

The demi-immortals didn't attack immediately because none of them wanted to be the first one to initiate the fight. After all, the powerful attack Soar had just released really impressed and shocked the demi-immortals.

"Chiefs, there is no denying that you can unite with each other to destroy my Manor Gang, but one thing you have to understand is that, after the collapse of the Manor Gang, at least two of you will die and be taken down with us!" Ricky said instantly when he saw that the seven demi-immortals didn't take action and had paused to listen to him.

"I could possibly kill even more than two of you!"

A hint of fear could been seen in the eyes of the seven demi-immortals after they heard Ricky's words. They were all afraid of death.

They had no doubt about what Ricky said. If Ricky fought desperately regardless of his life, there would definitely be more than one of them who would die then and there. None of them wanted to take a chance at being the one who would die.

"It seems that things are starting to get interesting!" warriors around the battlefield commented at the sight.

"Maybe. We are in a world where martial arts are important and the strong dominate the weak. For those powerful warriors, the higher their realms are, the more they fear death. They have worked too hard and they will lose too much if they die."

"Yes, this may be the turning point of this battle. I suppose this battle might be over because of that simple fact."


"Are you thr

ilence after hearing Ricky's words.

"Surely, it is undeniable that my main purpose of saying those is to save the lives of the warriors in the Manor Gang. What I said just now is still really true for all of you though.

If we fight today, we will all suffer some losses. If we put it to a stop now, it will be a win-win situation.

It's not something difficult if we want to compete with each other. When the opportunity of becoming an innate spiritual king comes, we will inevitably have to fight each other. I think it would be a wiser choice for you to first concentrate with the opportunity I'm giving you."


"Ha-ha. I will never accept being taught a lesson by a young man like you. All right! I will not step in this matter today. Obviously, you are simply more powerful as an ally," one of the chiefs said after a long silence as he began laughing loudly.

"But you should still remember that I need to see my share of the resources tomorrow."

"Thank you so much! Of course, I will send it to you tomorrow," Ricky replied with a smile.

He was not very surprised at the compromise because he had expected it from the very beginning of their appearance.

He had never believed that the seven Forces would truly unite and help each other in the Chaotic Region that was full of such intrigues. Under the influence of power and profit, their alliance was easily disintegrated.

"All right. It's time for me to leave!"

With the retreat of this chief, the other six chiefs also left successively. A possible fierce battle was resolved by Ricky's words.

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