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   Chapter 282 Seven Demi-immortal Warriors

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In the world of Martial Arts, it was a known fact that demi-immortals had the better and more in-depth understanding of how space worked than the mortal warriors. They had already mastered the craft. They knew how to manipulate and take advantage of the spiritual energy with the use of space

Stan's body suddenly spurted out dark spiritual energy to anything it could touch in his area. Powerful black rays covered his surroundings. This allowed him to use the forces in his own pace, which made him utilize and master his own strength at its peak.

Soon after, dark clouds of energetic force gathered behind him. The forces concentrated and formed a humongous dark figure.

The figure could be perceived as his guard, comparable to the loyalty and reliability of the great Buddha.

"Arhat Dark Power-Arhat Palm!"

Stan's eyes suddenly turned to black and released pitch-dark black rays. It was a materialization of sadness and light combined at the same time like a poetic killing intent. It was like grief that one could see and fear. The dark light then attached itself to the massive dark figure behind him.

Drowned in his own dark force, Stan raised his hands. He stretched them out and in an instant, the force from his palms went straight to the castle he was aiming at.

While he did this, liquid formed on his forehead. Unlike the usual water that would form on someone's body as a sign of stress and fatigue, a drop of blood essence formed on his eyebrows and mixed with the dark giant figure behind him. Stan was so angry and full of resentment towards the whole Manor Gang that he wanted to slap the hell out them and murder them all.

The dark figure aside from being his guard, was more like an amplified version of his palms. Any action he committed with his palms was done by the figure that was about a hundred meters long. Stan loathed the castle and everyone who was in it and the dark palm behind him resonated that anger. Stan clapped his hands and soon after the dark figure absorbed his blood essence as it mimicked Stan's action.

"Oh boy, Stan is putting up a desperate fight. Poor lad,"   said the seven demi-immortals who lurked around the area while they witnessed what Stan was up to.

"Such a cold-hearted man. He would really like to see tons of blood flowing like stream just for his son."

"But you know what? He could be right about this. Those demi-immortal beasts are much stronger than our human warriors. He would have a better chance of survival if he could kill his enemies with just one str

r, they miscalculated.

"I bet that another fight is brewing. I'm really looking forward to it."

"Look that those masters' facial expressions. I don't think they'll let the Manor Gang off the hook."


"Masters, you have now shown yourselves. What do you want from us?" Ricky asked immediately even before anybody could say anything.

"You mischievous twat! You know exactly what we want. We vow to revenge Stan by killing you, a human traitor with a beast as a friend. How pathetic!" replied a jacked up warrior as he let out a laugh.

"Ha-ha! Lay-low on the exaggeration there, boy. You are well aware that there are so many warriors who have made friends with beasts and other spiritual beasts on this continent. Now, why don't you try to kill them?" said Ricky mockingly as he was amused by such a poor excuse.

"I have never come to them before. If I happen to know one of those human traitors, I'll beat them to death no matter the cost!" The warrior added.

"That's bullshit!" Ricky didn't believe a single word the warrior had just said. He just shook his head in disapproval.

"Okay, cut the crap! Have you really decided with that poor brain of yours to make us, the Manor Gang, your enemy?"

Ricky's voice suddenly changed and became serious. If the seven warriors had decided to fight, he would have no other choice but to ask Soar to expose his real strength and capabilities.

"Are you deaf? You heard what I just said!" The warrior answered with an annoyed tone.

The warriors had then decided that there was no other choice but to fight and pulverize Ricky and his pet beast. At once, the seven demi-immortal warriors lined up and prepared to strike at any time.

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