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   Chapter 281 The Unknown Side Of Ricky

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As soon as he had demanded it, Stan unleashed his demi-immortal energy. That caused a dust storm to instantly kick up around the area. Of course, nearly all the energy surged at Ricky and the others like a deadly serpent once it left Stan's body.

Soar could not sit back under those circumstances. A surge of red energy burst out of his long and slim body and charged at Stan's energy serpent. Once the two forces met, the red one turned into a giant shield that stopped the blast and devoured Stan's violent attack.

"Kristen, Tyson, take every one with you and get to safety! We will cover you!" Ricky called out.

Hearing his words, Kristen did not try to argue. She gathered the other members of the Manor Gang and distanced themselves from the battle ground at once. She knew that there was literally nothing they could do to help in this kind of fight. They could only watch and wish Ricky and Soar the best of luck.

Surely, many members of the Manor Gang were worried about Soar being up there though. What if Soar ran away in the chaos?.

"It seems to me that you are unwilling to pay the ransom to get your son and the other Arhat Palace men back," Ricky responded to Stan's request coldly. Standing on the city wall, he looked at the leader of the Arhat Palace defiantly.

"Look at yourself. You are nothing more than a third grade of Bone Reinforcement warrior. I wonder what you can really do without that demi-immortal beast. This is the Chaotic Region, so how dare you challenge me like this?" Stan was further enraged by what Ricky said.

"You bastard!" he continued to curse at Soar, "I could forget everything that has happened today if you went back to your dirty mountain. Or else, I will turn you into an ordinary animal if I don't kill you by accident for what you've done!"

"Ha ha ha, I beg your pardon? You are merely a human! What harm do you think you can do to me?" Soar answered in disdain. Stan was talking to Soar rudely, but he didn't take it to heart. He was not afraid of the man at all.

Now all the people present knew who the legendarily strong warrior from the Manor Gang was. It was not a human being, but a kind of demi-immortal snake creature.

That fact surprised them all a lot.

They knew that Ricky was strong and powerful, but they never expected that a demi-immortal beast would ever be willing to answer to his orders. What kind of person could tame a high level beast like that? Wasn't it evident enough that Ricky was no ordinary person?

The more they thought it over, the more they admired and envied Ricky. .

"You are right. I am a human being, so I have to remind you that this is my place and not yours!" Stan replied dryly, hatred filling his eyes.

"And you," he turned back to Ricky and said, "you are also a human, yet you are fooling around and killing your own kind with the help of a beast! You will be damned to hell for that!"

Stan was apparently an old fox. He was trying to paint Ricky as an enemy of mankind in just a few words to turn others against him.

"Ha ha! I'm so disappointed!" Ricky simply laughed out loud at Stan's desperate words.

"I had thought that the leader of the Arhat Palace was at worst a villain who called himsel

ally just called Ricky his 'brother'. He had said it, not in the way people would call their friends brother, but in the way that showed respect and esteem.

How could it be? He was a warrior at the third grade of Bone Reinforcement that was favored by a creature as powerful and proud as demi-immortal beast, and that was already a blessing. So, what was so special about him and what had made Soar willing to follow him like a younger brother?

Kristen and her men's jaws also dropped when they heard that. They had only known Soar for a short while after Ricky returned with him and they had never figured out the relationship between Ricky and Soar, nor did they ever expect that a demi-immortal beast was more of a subordinate to him.

"My goodness! What has this guy done to that big fellow? A creature like that seldom bends its knee to someone! This is unbelievable..." Tyson exclaimed, totally forgetting that they were still in a fight.

After being scolded by Soar, Tyson no longer dared to call him a "monster". So, despite his surprise, he still remembered to refer to him as "big fellow" and "creature" instead.

"It looks like Russell is not to be underestimated after all. Shall we take action now?" At that point, the demi-immortal warriors who had been hiding in the dark could contain themselves no more. Communicating with each other through their minds, one of them suggested that they should finally make a move.

"There's no hurry. The two sides are at swords' points now. Once they fight each other, Stan might be able to greatly weaken the beast if he can't totally defeat it. That's when we will come in. If everything goes well, we can expect to bring down two main rivals today. Isn't that a better idea?"

"Fantastic. We can simply profit from their fight. At least one of them will end up biting the dust, so we will be the ones who get to laugh the last laugh," the other one echoed. .

"You will die for all of this!"

Stan snarled. He was too angry to listen to any other words from Ricky. His mind was occupied by one single thought--He wanted to spill the blood of his enemies and avenge his son's death.

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