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   Chapter 280 Stan Luo

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Soon, drastic news spread throughout the whole Chaotic Region—the entire search team of Arhat Palace was detained by Manor Gang. What was even more tragic was how Nathan, one of the three young masters of the palace, was stripped naked by Manor Gang, tied to the gate wall of the castle like a tortured pet. Behind him was a sign that read, 'plaything.'

The news was more shocking than even the Bronze Key and blood essence of the Great Dragon.

All the while, the eyes of all the warriors shifted directly to the periphery of Manor Gang to witness Nathan, the man who was tying on the front gate of the castle.

At this time, he had already awakened. But in such a torturous situation, all he could do was pretend to be unconscious as he awaited rescue from the Arhat Palace.

As time went by, the castle of Manor Gang grew more and more crowded. Where there was space, it was occupied by warriors—those in the Lower Region and Middle Region both focused their eyes on the Manor Gang's castle.

The other seven Forces came as well, amused by the state Nathan was in above the castle.

Because the competition between the eight Forces in Upper Region was fierce, they did not start an attack—if they had the chance to beat the opponents, they'd never have been softhearted.

Finally, a group of warriors from the Arhat Palace arrived, led by a warrior at the eighth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Attempting to rescue Nathan and the captured warriors, the people from Arhat Palace rushed to the castle without hesitation.

But the force of roaring flame bombarded them the instant they went up.

At that moment, Ricky and his people appeared. Looking at the people from the Arhat Palace who were already lying on the ground, they said, "You can trade them with gold coins."

"Go back and tell your palace owners that your third younger master is worth thirty thousand gold coins. The other warriors are worth three thousand each. It's seventy thousand gold coins altogether. I hope you hurry, or else our Manor Gang won't be responsible when they die of hunger."

After Ricky finished speaking, all the warriors were stunned frozen.




Soon after, powerful momentum swept the place in an instant. Moments later, a middle-aged man in a black robe and a pair of spiritual energy wings appeared in the air.

He was furious—a pair of dark orbs had long been filled with strong, murderous energy. The homicidal intent blew wildly in the air, forming a mini-storm, solidified and snake-like.

Moreover, all the warriors retreated involuntarily as soon as they felt the energy.

Knowing that there would be a demi-immortal level war, they didn't want to be involved as innocents.

The warrior in black was the owner of Arhat Palace—Stan.

Following Stan was several powerful vibes that Ricky picked up on—whoever that energies belonged to hid in the dark, practically invisible.

It was clear that the lords of the other seven forces had arrived.

As Ricky suspected, they had no intention of causing a fight—only taking advantage of it.

"You three are the leaders of Manor Gang. Free my son and my people, then your Manor Gang, along with your members, must commit suicide. Otherwise… There will surely be a river of blood for you Manor Gang today." Stan opened his mouth.

His powerful and irresistible tone couldn't be ignored, and his homicidal intent was all too evident.

Stan's eyes were completely focused on Soar. It was clear that he had already known that the demi-immortal warrior in Manor Gang was actually a snake beast.

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