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   Chapter 279 An Eye for An Eye

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"Russell, what are you doing?"

Kristen and Tyson asked Ricky as they prepared to take out the innate spiritual balls to save Ricky. Sweat formed on their foreheads, and their eyes grew larger for they were very worried when they saw Ricky prepare for massive attacks that were directed towards Nathan.

They froze; fear encircled their gut for they knew that it might be too late. The enemy had already released a powerful punch that almost landed at the delicate part of Ricky's head. Everyone knew that a punch from an Elder at ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement could do some serious damage to anyone who'd receive his attacks. Even more so, one punch could definitely crack one's skull and send him straight to his grave.

"You bastard! Do you really think you can murder the young master of the Arhat Palace? You must be dreaming! Too ambitious but too naive. Don't be so full of yourself," the elder said brutally as he looked Ricky straight in the eye. But the Elder had not yet had enough. This time, he raised his fists higher and readied to punch Ricky's face more forcefully. The punch was so strong that it was enough to pulverize his opponent's head.

"Are you sure about that?" Ricky responded arrogantly with blank eyes while his Iron Destroyer was still pointed at Nathan who was pinned to the ground.


A incandescent furious power leapt up around the area as Ricky spoke. the Manor Gang's castle was glutted with the boiling power and all warriors felt as if they were in a super hot furnace.

The Elder at ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement felt especially depressed since the boiling power aimed at him and he would endure the most power of the attack. A strong omen of danger caught him all of a sudden.

He wasn't a stranger to this feeling, the near death experience. He had already felt this when the lord of the Arhat Palace gave him a taste of his power. But somehow, deep inside of him, he sensed by instinct that Ricky's power was much stronger than that.

Soon after, the warrior at ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement came to his senses. He realized that the amount of energy that flooded the castle could be from a demi-immortal, or from an innate spiritual king that was lurking around the area.

And in an instant, he stepped back without having to think twice.

But to his dismay, it was too late for him to turn back.

A thin scarlet snake that dangled on Ricky's right arm huffed and suddenly opened its eyes that resembled dancing fire. Soar, the 'snake', unlatched itself from Ricky's arm and sprinted out as fast as it could.

"You! You're a demi-immortal monster!" The Elder at ninth grade of


Getting in contact with monsters peacefully was a very difficult task. And it was very hard even for a beast tamer.

"My name is Soar, and I am not a monster. I have a name. Call me monster again and I will eat you alive," Soar said as he opened his eyes upon hearing what Tyson had just said, then closed his eyes again.

Tyson was drenched in sweat out of fear. "Of.. Of course! Never again, I promise!" He nodded his head quickly while he trembled in fear. "I will never say that again!"

"Ha-ha!" Ricky burst out a contagious laugh at the sight of Tyson's embarrassment.

So did Kristen and others.

They all had shared their giggles and stopped when they couldn't laugh any more. Then, they averted their eyes to Nathan.

"Russell, why didn't you kill Nathan when you had the chance? He and the Arhat Palace will never spare us whether we kill him or not. And now we have..." Tyson turned his eyes to Soar as he said so.

"I did not kill him because I don't want to give him a quick death. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That is how it should be. How could he deserve to die easily when he dared take advantage of Kristen!" Ricky snickered.

Kristen's eyes sparked with gratitude and her cheeks blushed as she heard Ricky's words.

"Oh! So, it's an eye for an eye, huh. What's your plan now?" Tyson asked. This was the most important question that they all needed some serious answers.

Manor Gang disciples who were there also pricked up their ears.

"Didn't he mention something regarding a plaything? Since he likes to play, I will satisfy his cravings as he wishes and show him what's the real fun!" Ricky sneered. "Gather around. I'll give him something he wants. Strip him naked, Bastian. Then tie him to the city gate!"

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