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   Chapter 278 The Fight Against Nathan

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The man's arrogant words were like stones being thrown into a pool. They rippled out, affecting everyone in the area. Immediately, all the warriors in the courtyard of the Manor Gang directed their attention towards the spot that the sound had come from.

After a while, a young man in black walked up to the gate of the Manor Gang's castle. The person who appeared at the gate was Ricky, one of the leaders of the Manor Gang.

Meanwhile, the warriors also realized that there was a strange red snake that was wrapped around his right arm and shoulder. It was actually a real dragon, who could turn into a human, and its name was Soar.

"Leader Russell!" the members of the Manor Gang exclaimed respectfully and excitedly. The excitement only lasted for a few seconds though. Even though Ricky was someone that every member of the Manor Gang loved, they were also worried that Ricky was not as powerful as Tyson and Kristen.

That made them believe that the tricky situation they were facing could not be resolved, even with the help of several more leaders like Russell.

Then, a warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement stepped out and irritably asked, "Who the hell are you? How dare you yell like that? Humph, I guess you really want to die young!"

The warrior was obviously from the Arhat Palace. What Ricky had said earlier had seriously insulted Nathan, the third young master of the Arhat Palace. After he finished his speaking, he furiously threw a punch at Ricky.

When seeing the furious punch that was coming toward him, Ricky didn't dodge. Instead, he stomped his feet and planted them firmly into the ground. Then, he threw a punch and swooped toward the warrior who had attacked him at his maximum speed. The next second, those watching only saw that Ricky's punch had hit the warrior's square in the chest. Everything just happened too fast to see clearly. The warrior didn't even have time to react.

Without any warning, an intense thud rang out. It was because the warrior at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement had collapsed to the ground. He obviously had stopped breathing after the hit because his chest had been pierced through by it.

Everyone was wondering what had happened. Ricky killed a warrior who was at the peak of the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement within just a few seconds.

How could Ricky do that so easily? One of the reasons was that the warrior at the top of the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement wouldn't have thought that Ricky could burst out his full power within such a short time and at such a fast speed.

"It looks like you're the one who has died young!" Ricky muttered indifferently.

'Oh, god! He has made new progress in his skills again!' both Tyson and Kristen thought that to themselves after they witnessed Ricky killing the warrior.

Boom! The other warriors and the Elder at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement from the Arhat Palace immediately released their strongest momentum. They were furious and eager to seek revenge for the murder of their fallen companion. Before they could, they were stopped by Nathan, their third young master. He was deeply offended by Ricky's words and he actually wanted to avenge the fallen warrior by himself.

Nathan took a step forward with a little bit of a tight smile and said, "It seems that you are the third leader of the Manor Gang, the one who hides your power. You know what? Among all the warriors in the Lower Region, y

ts. The runes were the devouring and chaotic fire runes.

'Fire Cloud Fist—Double Cloud Fire Fists!'

Ricky roared violently in his head, and as if being summoned, the flame spiritual energy inside his body gushed out and was transformed into two fierce Fire Clouds that surrounded Ricky's fists, merging with the two runes.

At that moment, Ricky's momentum was twice what it was at the beginning of the fight.

Then, the two Fire Cloud Fists swooped violently towards Nathan's Arhat Encircling Palms separately. After a few seconds, the two powers finally collided with each other.


The sound of the earsplitting collision burst out. The audience found that the two warriors were still competing with each other violently through their powerful skills.

Everyone soon found out that Ricky's power was superior to his opponent's power. His devouring runes were engulfing Nathan's power while his chaotic fire runes were releasing frenzy power, directly crushing Nathan's palm attacks at that moment.

After that, Ricky shifted his position as quickly as he could. He suddenly appeared at Nathan's side and launched another Fire Cloud Fist attack against him.

Nathan already felt great panic at the situation and realized he had no more aces up his sleeve. Instinctively, he crossed his arms to resist Ricky's attack.

There was a sudden loud sound of something hitting against the ground abruptly. The sound came from Nathan. He had lost his advantage and was no longer an equal adversary to Ricky. After being attacked by Ricky, he soon leaked blood from the corners of his mouth and hit the ground hard.

"Now, prepare to die!" Ricky roared furiously again, pulling out the Iron Destroyer from behind his back and slashing it down directly toward Nathan who was still on the ground. Ricky wanted to kill him in one shot.

"Russell, be careful!" Tyson reminded Ricky abruptly as he swung his saber downward.

Without much thought, Ricky already knew that, to prevent him from killing Nathan, the strongest warrior from the Arhat Palace at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement must have launched an abrupt attack against him. Despite his awareness of that fact, Ricky grinned and was still slashing his saber down towards Nathan, totally ignoring Tyson's desperate warning.

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