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   Chapter 277 Nathan Luo

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As one of the Great Dragons, Soar was going to be one of the strongest creatures in the entire world in the future.

Ricky was his savior and he saw Ricky as his brother. That meant that he valued Ricky a lot.

That wasn't the only reason he had a soft spot for Ricky.

To top it all off, the Chaotic Fire Zone inside Ricky had shown Soar that Ricky was even more talented than him.

In fact, that was the main reason why Soar was willing to address Ricky as his brother.

That was also why Soar hadn't left Ricky. He wanted to reward Ricky's kindness, but also wanted to be with someone as talented as he was.


"Nice! You're really capable of things like challenging the spiritual kings," Ricky said excitedly after listening to what Soar had said. Since Soar was already at the Demi-spirit Level, he had figured that Soar was able to challenge the spiritual kings. He was so glad that Soar's positive answer had confirmed his supposition.

As for Soar's compliment, Ricky didn't give it much mind at all.

"Soar, what did you mean by first and second class of the lower spiritual kings?" Ricky asked.

"There are four levels of spiritual kings. From bottom to top, they're the lower spiritual king, the middle spiritual king, the upper spiritual king, and the completed spiritual king," Soar replied. "There are significant differences between the spiritual kings of different levels. It's like the difference between Skin Refinement and Blood Purification," Soar continued.

"Okay." Ricky nodded as he listened.

"There are big differences between the warriors at different grades as well for the lower spiritual kings. There are first-class, second-class, and third-class rankings for them. The lower spiritual kings at the third class are the weakest while the ones at the first class are the strongest among them," Soar continued.

"Of course, the middle spiritual king, the upper spiritual king, and the completed spiritual king classifications are more similar to each other," Soar added.

"However, the different classes' classifications is based on their combat power, not their levels of cultivation," Soar said after a few seconds.

"What do you mean?" Ricky asked in confusion.

"Let's say that there are two lower spiritual kings. One of them is at the first class, and the other is at the third class. Both of them can have breakthroughs and become middle spiritual kings. Howeve

from the Arhat Palace.

Judging from the look on every Manor Gang members' face, they were furious, especially Tyson. If Kristen hadn't stopped him, he would have started a battle with Nathan Luo as soon as he got there. He was ready to activate the power of his innate spiritual ball as soon as he was able.


"Kristen Tang, what choice are you going to make? Will you be a good girl and come with me, or do you want me to force you to be mine?" Nathan Luo asked teasingly. He enjoyed looking at the outraged expression on the Manor Gang members' faces.

He felt very satisfied as if he was a strong man who had the power to dominate weaker people's lives.

"I've been as clear as I can be. If you go with me, I promise you that I'll help your Manor Gang become one of the very best forces in the Middle Region. If you don't, I'll eliminate your gang in no time," Nathan Luo said with a smirk. He looked as if he was saying something that was of no consequence.

"Nathan Luo, are you trying to threaten me?" Kristen asked coldly.

"Hahaha! You seem to have a strong personality. I like that," Nathan Luo said excitedly. He felt even more excited as he looked at Kristen's cold face. He was eager to take her body for himself already.

"You were right. I am threatening you. In the Chaotic Region, rules are made by strong warriors. Weak people, especially weak women in this world, are just my personal playthings,"

Nathan Luo said arrogantly with a snort.

"Playthings, what a good idea! I'm free today and I'd really love to use you as my plaything." A voice cut through the uneasy chatter.

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