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   Chapter 276 Great Dragon

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It was no ordinary creature. It possessed a long body without any limb and slithered in its position. It was no doubt that it was indeed, a snake.

Ricky didn't have to second guess himself. He was confident enough to believe his own eyes about what was in front of him.

But there was more to the creature. Ricky, from where he stood, scrunched up his eyes and tried to keep away the blur that might have been blocking his vision. To his amusement, it was no joke that he saw the snake flying in the wind in the Chaotic Fire Zone.

To everyone's knowledge, snakes did not usually fly unless these beasts had wings of their own or if they were the innate spiritual beasts that verged on the power of space to fly just like the other warriors.

Ricky looked up in the sky again and glanced at the two-meter long red snake that flew gracefully up in the sky. He immediately saw that there were no signs of any wings attached to the creature which meant only one thing--the snake was an innate spiritual beast.

'W..wait. How could it be? Wow, I can't believe that he is really an innate spiritual beast, ' Ricky thought to himself as he tried to absorb the marvelous scene. He never thought in a million years that he would be able to see such a rare creature with his naked eyes.

All of a sudden, the red snake halted soaring in the air. It stopped flying due to the amount of Heaven Melting Fire that had engulfed. The red snake averted its eyes to Ricky and gradually lowered its body down to the ground to see Ricky face to face.

Ricky thought he was in a trance. He saw the red snake morph from a beast into a young boy roughly around eleven or twelve years old.

"Brother," the little boy shouted in a little childish voice.

"Wow, you can even shape shift into human form. That's cool! So...are you really an innate spiritual beast? I can't believe my eyes! I must be dreaming!" Ricky exclaimed. He was elated at the sight of an innate spiritual beast right in front of him. He almost poked the beast just to check if he was seeing the real deal. "But...Oh my god, you really are! This is one for the books!

Are you really the Great Dragon everyone has been talking about? Hmmm...wait. I'm having second thoughts about this.

If you really are the Great Dragon, then why did you look like a snake prior to shape shifting into a little boy?"

Ricky threw in question after question as if he were a curious cat. It was an unbelievable experience for Ricky to see the alleged Great Dragon in the flesh that he acted childishly as he questioned the creature's identity.

Drowning in a series of questions, the young boy felt confused and overwhelmed as he didn't know which question to answer first. His jaws were agape but no explanation came out of his mouth. It wasn't until Ricky became silent that the young boy finally had the chance to speak. "Brother, slow down. There's just too many to answer.

sighed as he felt a tad bit jealous of Soar Dragon's power.

"Brother, you are much more remarkable than I am. As far as I'm concerned, the Chaotic Fire Zone is the strongest zone around the world. It can even contain two kinds of sacred fire and a kind of peculiar fire at the same time." Soar Dragon smiled as he tried to boost Ricky's confidence.

"What's more is that the method of manual in the zone is extraordinary and even more complicated and profound than our cultivation methods."

"Soar, this is my secret. Please don't tell others. Please keep it to yourself." Ricky felt the need to tell Soar Dragon his secret naturally, as if they have known each other already for a very long time.

"Ha-ha! Brother, of course I will keep this secret. After all, I am set to cultivate in your zone in return." Soar Dragon laughed.

"Of course you can!" Ricky nodded.

Ricky was very pleased with his newfound relationship with Soar Dragon. He was ultimately lucky to have Soar Dragon by his side and he was sure that everyone would think the same. He made it his life mission to do his best to help Soar Dragon in any kind of trouble, too. Just like how brothers protect and help each other.

"By the way, Soar... forgive my series of questions but are you stronger than an innate spiritual king?" Ricky asked again.

The Great Dragon wasn't even close to being branded as a mediocre creature.

"Brother, I can be pitted against the lower spiritual kings of the third class. But I can't beat the lower spiritual kings of the second class," Soar Dragon replied after thinking long and hard.

"I have a long distance to walk and If I would want to challenge an innate spiritual king, I must be a talent who can defeat someone three levels higher than me in the level of Bone Reinforcement.

But brother, look at yourself. You are the true talent!"

Soar Dragon lifted his finger and pointed at Ricky's chest with utmost respect.

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