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   Chapter 274 Third Grade Of Bone Reinforcement

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7190

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In less than a day, the news about the death of the eight warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement from the eight Forces in Chaotic Mountains, as well as the reason for the surge of beasts, spread all over the Chaotic Region.

All the warriors in the Chaotic Region were shocked.

People began to question who it could be that attacked and killed the members of the eight Forces. People also wanted to know where the Great Dragon's blood essence and the Bronze Key had gone.

Of course, the news was spread by the eight Forces themselves.

The leaders of the eight Forces were furious about what happened. They had controlled the Chaotic Region for several dozens of years. It was normal for their people to rob other people in the area, but they had never expected that someone would dare to steal things from them.

The items they had lost were two of the most important things they had ever gone after.

So they decided not to cover up the news about the Bronze Key and decided to inform all the warriors in the Chaotic Region about it instead. They offered a reward, so anyone who provided a clue as to where the Bronze Key was would get 100, 000 gold coins.

The moment the news was released, all the warriors in the Chaotic Region were in an uproar. Everyone wondered what exactly the Bronze Key was and why the eight Forces wanted to spend so much money to get it back.

In addition to offering a large reward, the eight Forces also united and built up a team to carry out an inch-by-inch search of all the sects and many palaces of the Chaotic Region.

Those circumstances were very annoying for anyone who was going to be searched by them. They dared not confront them openly for it, and every time the people from the eight Forces went on a search of their territory, the warriors could only greet them with false smiles.


Kristen, Tyson, Trent, and Bastian were sitting in a secluded room with serious looks on their faces within the Manor Gang's castle.

"It has been three days since what happened in the Chaotic Mountains. Why hasn't Russell come back yet?" Bastian said in worry.

"He should be

ugh the blood essence was released many years ago, the power it contains is still so strong!' Ricky couldn't help but admire its power.

Then, he used the devouring runes to extract one-fiftieth of the energy from the Great Dragon's blood essence and then transferred it into the Devourer Zone.

He left the remaining blood essence in the Chaotic Fire Zone and moved the suppressing force away from the Fire Dragon Egg.


Ricky sat in the Devourer Zone with crossed legs. There was a mass of Great Dragon's blood essence energy floating in front of him.

Since he was unable to refine the Great Dragon's blood essence energy by himself, the energy was still wrapped in the devouring runes.

After a short moment under the impact of the devouring runes, the dragon blood energy immersed into the area between his brows and then the refinement started.

Ricky felt like his body was burning.

His clothes were torn into pieces due to the high temperature and his face twisted due to the unbearable pain.

'Although I'm only refining a little bit, the Great Dragon's blood essence is not easy to refine!' Ricky thought, gritting his teeth.

He had to summon the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to resist the sharp pain he felt.

While he was in severe pain, Ricky's powerful refinement continued to improve. Four hours later, he broke through and reached the third grade of Bone Reinforcement.

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