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   Chapter 273 The So-called Omnipotent Skill

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"Devouring Storm!"

As Ricky's growl echoed over the battle field, the whole area seemed to be shaken out like a mat by an invisible yet strong windstorm. The devouring energy twirled up turbulently and formed a typhonic air current. Everything in the zone, including the zone itself, was about to be devoured and smashed into pieces.


Radical changes took place over Ricky's body all the while. A buzzing sound rippled around him, countless devouring runes encircled him, and suddenly the runes surged violently like sea currents, overturning the sky and the earth.

As the devouring power pervaded around them, the runes released blood red light and shone with boundless radiance. It seemed to flash with endless vehemence. The bursting power was so intense and piercing that the Shadowy Fatal Lights seemed to freeze for a moment.

Soon, the devouring runes and Ricky began to merge together. Ricky was submerged within the devouring rune current and became a part of the devouring runes.

Then the vehemently surging devouring runes twirled and accelerated into a spiral storm around him.

The blood red spiral storm intensified and solidified gradually. It absorbed spiritual energy, pulling it in from all over the place. The devouring power formed the shape of drills and shot out devouring energy rapidly as it sprung around.


The next moment the Shadowy Fatal Lights and the Devouring Storm bumped into each other. The immense sound of a collision was so thrilling that it produced a fierce vibration of power. The vibration was so fierce and the power so intense that it seemed as if the whole mountain was the very center of the collision and all storm-like forces crashed right there on the spot.

Interwoven black and blood red air billows released countless strange ripples out into all directions and spread about in the roaring boom. The ripples were fierce enough to grind the whole place into ashes indistinctly.

In the center of the collision, two interwoven Shadowy Fatal Lights merged their power together and launched a tumultuous attack against the scarlet spiral windstorm. It seemed as if they had confronted each other in a Roland for an Oliver situation.

However, a perceptive warrior would have sensed the rapidly weakening trend of the Shadowy Fatal Lights. The power of

something he would have to work for.

Ricky looted Thomas's corpse for his belongings. The Bronze Key was the most important object Thomas possessed.

Ricky felt even more sure that the Bronze Key was an extraordinary spiritual weapon when he finally held it in his hand. Unfortunately, he was not yet strong enough to mobilize it.

"Even if the Bronze Key is a spiritual weapon, or even a middle grade one at most, it would not make sense for eight warriors at the ninth grade of Bone Reinforcement to give up the Great Dragon's blood essence for it," Ricky murmured as he looked over the key.

Ricky was right. A spiritual weapon, or even a middle grade one, could not match the value of the Great Dragon's blood essence, even though the latter's power had greatly worn off over the centuries.

"Is it possible that there are some hidden secrets that the Bronze Key holds that make it more valuable than the Great Dragon blood essence? Could this key grant the opportunity to promote a warrior to an innate spiritual king?"


Ricky took all Thomas's eight storage bags and investigated them with his spiritual power. Then, he was filled with great joy.

Inside the bags, there were gold coins, Treasures from Heaven and Earth, and heaping medicinal pills.

"I think this makes this trip to the Chaotic Mountains a fruitful harvest!" Ricky remarked in satisfaction.

He then decided to leave, but he did not intend go back to the Chaotic Region. The Fire Dragon Egg in the Chaotic Fire Zone was too impatient to wait any longer.

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