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   Chapter 271 Ricky’s Real Identity Was Exposed

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Why didn't Ricky just drop his saber at that critical moment the same way Thomas gave up his sword? He always wanted to become a real saber wielder as well as a warrior who had his own insights about his saber. He also wanted to develop his own unique and powerful saber skills.

If those goals were to be truly realized, there was no way he could give up his saber, which meant he had to hold on to it even in the direst situations. His unique link to his personal weapon would be severed otherwise. If he lost his attachment to his saber, his future training and insights about his saber would suffer greatly and he might never reach certain top-level skills.

Moreover, he just didn't believe that the so-called Dual Shadow Punches launched by Tomas could really hurt him in that moment.

The next moment, as Ricky exercised his Devouring Skill to its most extreme point, his body had turned into a body of devouring energy. At the same time, he activated the power of the Sixth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to its full strength as well. Soon, blue light and bloody light were intertwined around him as the energy swelled around him.

Boom! An earsplitting sound rang out at the same time. Ricky was inundated by Thomas's countless dark Dual Shadow Punches as they produced a deafening and destructive blast.

Thomas looked at Ricky with mixed feelings of disdain and a little bit of admiration as he hurriedly retreated to avoid the blast.

"Unexpectedly, you still haven't given up your saber, even now. So, you are the kind of man who holds a strong belief—regarding your saber as a valuable object in your life," Thomas said disdainfully.

Of course, Thomas's admiration was hidden because he pushed it to the bottom of his heart. He thought to himself, 'People like him, who have such a steadfast belief, are really annoying opponents. If they live through the fight, their insights about their weapons will be deepened. They will also make greater progress with their power, and become even more difficult to beat over time.'

Yet, despite his admiration, he didn't feel threatened anymore, and instead felt quite relieved. He had become completely sure that Ricky couldn't survive his countless dark Dual Shadow Punches.

The punches might not be his most powerful skill. However, if any warrior wanted to resist them without any precautions, it would be impossible, unless that person was a warrior at the top grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Thomas had such a firm belief that Ricky should be dead. He was only at the fifth grade of Bone Reinforcement after all, so he could not survive such an attack with just his body and no other defense.

However, before Thomas could finish that thought, a cold voice rang out abruptly, saying, "Even an assassin is not supposed to abandon his sword, and if he does, he will no longer be qualified to use his sword again."

Then, Thomas saw that Ricky slowly walking out of the dust cloud made from

obvious greed blazing in his eyes to possess everything Ricky owned.That greed overflowed in him, and he just couldn't hide his it any more.

"I have no other option. If it hadn't been for this human skin mask, I'm afraid I might not have made it to this point. I'd have been dead meat due to the countless types of brutal corporal torture waiting for me at the hands of the Endless Shadow," Ricky said with a grin.

After that, he put his mask back on.

"You know what? You know who I am now, so there's no way you can get out of here alive," Ricky added with a wicked smile.

"Ha-ha, what makes you so confident? Is it just because you have the Body Refining Formula and you survived from my previous attacks?" Thomas sneered and laughed out loud.

Ricky was really formidable. Thomas could not deny the fact that Ricky was the most formidable genius across the four continents. Yet, at that moment, Thomas also believed that his power was somehow not inferior to Ricky's.

"No, it's based on the fact that we have different beliefs," said Ricky firmly and clearly. "More importantly, based on the fact that I'm still way more powerful than you."

"I've heard that you are extremely arrogant. Now I can see that what they said is quite right!" Thomas said flatly. "Today, your arrogance, your belief, and every other thing you have will come to an end here."

Looking right into Ricky's eyes, Thomas continued, "I, Thomas, will be the one who will put an end to your entire existence in this world."

As he finished speaking, his momentum was already being exuded violently from his body. His black spiritual energy instantly swept over the area and all around his body. Ricky immediately detected a strange odor wafting up from Thomas.

"Ricky, you are a genius who defeated someone three levels higher than you! So, I will now show you why I had the courage to give up my sword so quickly, while you wouldn't dare to give up your saber," Thomas said sharply.

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